A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Day!

Future Astronauts!

Timothy Loved this little slide!

Elijah coming off his first space shuttle ride!

Candice and I with our beautiful pregnant bellies!

This Gigi loves her grandkids!!!

Last week we headed to Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with Bryan's family. Yes, we got to see my parents but we actually spent Thanksgiving Day with Bryan's family. On the way down we stopped by the Space Center and let the kids play. This helped break up the trip and the kids enjoyed it. Bryan's mother's family comes over and there is a house full!! We always enjoy getting to see everyone and eat such delicious food. This year was a different because Bryan's older brother was in the hospital and him and his wife were not there. We were thankful that we did get to see our niece and nephew and that Isaac and Sarah got to spend time with them. I always try to be good at taking pictures but it gets harder because I either forget or I am having to keep up with the little ones. I did get a few pics and I have posted some of them. We are so thankful that Bryan's parents let us stay with them and they are so good to us. Thank you Pop and Gigi for opening up your home for us and for going above and beyond to make us feel at home.

I have posted a pic of my sister-n-law and me with our pregnant bellies! She is about 21 weeks and they are having a boy. They have one boy named Jameson, so this will make boy #2 for them. We are excited about this new baby for them.

On Thursday night I also got to visit with a very dear friend of mine, Wendy. She was headed home after visiting family and stopped by Bryan's parents house so we could see each other. Wendy is one of those friends that will go the extra mile. Wendy and I actually met almost 13 years ago.....can't believe it has actually been that long. She was a Senior in high school and was attending with her boyfriend the church Bryan's was pastoring. I was there when the Lord changed Wendy's heart, when she married that boyfriend (Ben), when she went off to college (and we kept in touch) and then I have gotten to see her become a mother and blossom into a wonderful wife and mother of 3!! Bottom line....I am so thankful to have a friend like Wendy and so glad that we still keep in touch and enjoy seeing each other. I love you Wendy!!
We did have a great Thanksgiving but we are so very thankful to be back home and in our own bed's and back to our daily routine.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just the two of us!!

My dear hubby planned a two night trip for just the two of us! I love it that he planned it and it was his idea! We had wanted to do something special before the baby comes but just did not know what or how we could pull that off. Well, he did it!! We left Tuesday and headed to Alabama and dropped the kids off with my parents and we went to "Pilgrim's Rest" for two nights! It was so nice and the weather was just right. We stayed in this cute little cabin and enjoyed just being alone. It was so nice to talk and rest and be together. Bryan said that he would love for us to do this once a year...I would like that too! Of coarse my kids got spoiled and I know they were well taken care of. Thank you so much Paw and Maw for making those two nights possible. This is another thing to add to my thankful list, time with my hubby....alone! Bryan thank you so much for loving me and planning this time for us to be together, it was wonderful!! I love you dearly!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

WOW! I have so much to be thankful for and for time sake can't blog all of it. I did want to share with you something we did for homeschool on Monday. I let Isaac and Sarah make a list of things they were thankful for. This assignment was their writing for the day. I was so grateful that both of them put for their #1 thing was Jesus!!! I love it! Their #2 was family! My heart rejoices and I am so thankful that they are thankful for Jesus above all other things! I will share a few of the things I am thankful for, but remember I don't have the time or blog space to share them all....
#1) Jesus Christ who has changed my heart and has given me a NEW life!!
#2) A God who is real and loved me so much that He sent Jesus to die for me so that I could have a realationship with Him!!
#3) A Husband who loves me unconditionally after 14 years and he is so faithful and Loves the Lord!!
#4) Isaac, Sarah, Elijah, Timothy and the new baby who make me so glad to be a mommy!!
#5) Mine and Bryan's parents who are always there for us and would go the extra mile for us!
#6) Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church who has loved us and welcomed our entire family!
#7) The material blessings that God has provided for us...home, car, food, clothes, etc.
#8) Our health, we have been very blessed with our health and healthy children!
And the list goes on!!!

Hope you all have a great and safe Thanksgiving!

Prayer Request: Bryan's older brother is recovering from surgery after swollowing a pill wrong that tore his esophogus. The tear caused liquid and food to enter his body cavaity. He is doing well but the recovery will take a while. He will be in the hospital for a while. Thank you for your prayers!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Take it to the hoop!!

Sarah is playing basketball at the local elementary school. She is on an all girl team and she is enjoying it. Sarah is doing really well, matter of fact she played almost the whole game this past Saturday. I fall in love with her every time I see her! Sarah has this innocence about her that is so precious. When she is playing any sport she is the sweetest thing even to the other team. For instance this past Saturday she was talking and laughing with the girls she was suppose to be guarding. If someone gets hurt she is always there to check on them and is concerned for them. When she played t-ball in the spring she was tagging a girl out and knocked her down, the little girl did get a scraped knee and was just a crying, Sarah felt so bad that I really thought she would never tag anyone else out again. Her heart is so big and she has been such a blessing to me and to others. Yes, Sarah does have her moments and she does get in trouble but all her goods far out weigh those moments that we have to correct or discipline her. She has two more Saturday's of basketball games and then we are done with sports for awhile as we prepare and welcome the new baby into our family!! Hooray, football is FINALLY over!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Mommy Date!

I had a Dr. appointment today and took Isaac with me. I thought this would be a good chance to have some one on one with the bigger kids before the baby came. I will take Sarah with me to the next visit. Isaac and I had a very great time together. He went to my check up with me and we heard the baby's heart beat. The baby is doing great and all is well! Praise the Lord! The Dr. said I was measuring 32 weeks, nothing to get anxious about though. I was 31 weeks this past Wednesday. Have you noticed the baby ticker on the side of the blog? We have right at 60 days to go!! The baby's heart beat was in the 140's. Still no guess of what the baby might be, boy or girl. I just am going to be totally surprised. For those of you who have voted boy would you please submit suggestions for a boy name. We somewhat have a girl's name but not the slightest idea of a boy name. We want it to be a biblical name and the meaning of the name is very important to us. Anyway, we are just getting more and more excited with each passing day! I did get a chance to talk with my Dr. about how she was doing and she seems to be focusing on God and the Truth of His Word! I prayed with her and was very encouraged. Thank you to all of you who have prayed for her. After the Dr. visit Isaac and I headed to Gamestop. He had gotten a gift card for his birthday and we went there to let him use that. Then we went to lunch and enjoyed just being together. My prayer is that he will never forget going on a Mommy Date and the time we had together.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A love for Reading!

When we began to homeschool one of my biggest worries was would the kids learn to read, would they be on the right grade level they needed to be on. Well, God is so good, Isaac and Sarah have come far beyond anything I could have ever asked. They both LOVE to read. Sarah will say that she would rather read than do any other school thing. She is reading books that are for ages 8-12 and does really well. Isaac always ask if he can go and read. He is reading books (The old Hardy Boys; copyright 1977) with 20 Chapters and barely any pictures. Those two love to go to the Goodwill and look at books (we usually always find some good ones). It makes my heart soar to know they love to read. Maybe one day for our school we can have a read-a-thon. Then the two little boys love books! They are always wanting someone to read to them. I know that if I had the time I could read to them all day! All I have to say is "Reading Time" and Elijah and Timothy run to the bookcase and pick out a book or two. When I hear Isaac and Sarah reading out loud I can go and look and they are reading to Elijah and Timothy, that is so great to me. One of the greatest things about the kids reading is they can read the Bible for themselves, not just listen to what we read but Isaac and Sarah can participate. Today Isaac and Sarah had their first book reports due and they did a very good job. Isaac's was on George Washington and Sarah did hers on Charlotte's Web. I am so thankful that God has placed in their hearts this love for reading and I am thankful that He has equipped me and given me this opportunity to homeschool my children! Yes!, they will make it in life!! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


That is Isaac, #4.

Isn't he a very handsome and sweaty football player!

Just when we thought it was over, football that is,....they have one more game. This past Saturday Isaac's team, Shelbyville Eagles, won their Championship game! We were so proud of him and the team. We actually did think that that would be the last game but because they won they will now play this Saturday in a Bowl game. Isaac has improved so much! He has learned alot and has gotten better with each game. He even got to play the whole game this past Saturday, he played offense and defense. He made a few tackles this Saturday also. By the way, he has a couple of boys on his 7 & 8 year old team that are bigger than me. They weigh about 150 and are about 5'5. I fact the Nashville News had a segment where some moms on another team were saying that there should be a weight limit for the age groups. The segment was about Isaac's team playing this mom's son's team, so there was a few pics of Isaac standing next to his team mates that are twice Isaac's size. He loves football, so I am thinking that he will want to play again next year. Things may be different though, he could be playing for another team and they may not make it to the championships. Whatever happens I am glad he has had this experience and that he has learned more about the game of football.

Can you see the fun in Elijah's face?

Isn't that a beautiful butterfly? Sarah makes it even more beautiful!!

I am so thankful for my parents coming and helping me with the 3 children who were not playing football. I couldn't have done it without them!!

By the end of lunch Elijah was one tired boy!!

Since this was the Championship game my parents wanted to come and watch. So we all loaded up and headed to Brentwood for the Championship game!! After the first half of the game we took Sarah and Elijah to the "Fun" area, which happened to be right behind the field Isaac was playing on. Sarah and Elijah had alot of fun on the bouncy slide and other things. Sarah wanted to have her face painted so I think her and my mother stood in line for almost an hour to get her face painted. Then after the game and awards we grabbed us a bite at the concession stand before heading home for much needed rest!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just one of the many reasons I love to homeschool!

On Monday the kids had so much fun playing with math manipulatives. A friend of mine that teaches school had cleaned out her room and handed down some great fun things for the kids. Actually there was 3 things that I felt they could work on and play with so they rotated those 3 things for about 45 minutes. They had the best time and were very creative. One of the things is these soft squares that they could create something with or make a pattern. Another thing was fraction sticks that they could put together and learn some fractions. And then there was these shaped pieces that were cool to make flowers or people or they could just use their imaginations and make whatever. Timothy enjoyed playing with some dominoes and thought he was just as big as the other kids! I love watching the kids have fun and enjoy their time homeschooling and learning!!

Prayer Request: My Dr. lost her baby last week. She was 19 weeks along and her water broke. My heart is so heavy for her. I have an appointment this Friday and know that it will be a little akward to see her. Please pray that I can be a source of encouragement to her and that I will minister to her in a way that will please the Lord! If you have ever experienced this you know what she must be going through. Please pray with me for her! Thank you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Staying Warm

This week the weather has been beautiful up here! I have made sure that the kids have atleast one time of the day they are outside. We all have been enjoying the nice weather and soaking up those rays of sun! Last weekend though was a different story. It got really cold last Friday and Saturday. Isaac had a football game on Saturday morning and it was freezing, I had to dress him up warmly! It was the kind of cold that made you not want to go outside. The kids even had hot chocolate, ummm! On one of those cold days Bryan was going to check the mail and Timothy just had to go with him. The picture above is how the two went to the mailbox. I thought it was too cute to not get out the camera. Timothy never once complained or fussed, he was just fine right next to dad....safe and warm!! Can you see that he is zipped up in Bryan's jacket? I am sure we better enjoy this nice weather we are having this week, there is coming a time where it will be COLD!!! Last year Shelbyville had it's share of snow so we are thinking that the snow is coming and with snow is cold weather!!! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whatsoever things are true...think on these things.

I wanted to share a little more about what God has been dealing with me about. I shared in a recent post that He revealed to me that my thoughts needed to be true, well here is the next part. In Philippians 4:8 God's Word tells us to think on what is true. What is true? Things that are truth and real! To get our thinking on the right track we have to know what God commands of us and He says here to THINK on what is true!! The most wonderful truth we have is God's Word!! Everything in the Word of God is True! If that is the case and it is then we need to focus on His Word! Memorize it, meditate on it and obey it! Sounds simple, right? No, it takes a heart that is desiring to grow in a deeper walk with Him. Jesus never promised that seeking Him would be a easy road, "Take up your cross and follow Me" is what He said. But oh the freedom that it brings when we do memorize God's Word, meditate on His Word and obey His Word. When we begin to think on what is True we will experience the freedom that comes with it.

What is real? Not fantasies or fairy tales or "what if's". What is the here and now. Release those negative emotions, damaging thoughts and destructive attitudes to God and allow Him to help you know what is real and true. From my personal experience it is a moment by moment surrender that has to take place so that I hold my thoughts up to God's standards and declare His promises. His promises are True and Real!!

May you begin today to ask yourself "What is True?" or "What is Real?" and start to have the freedom that only God can bring. Remember to: Memorize, Meditate and Obey!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Fest Fun!!

Sarah (cowgirl), Elijah (builder) and Timothy (Bumblebee)

Look at that girl ride!

Elijah did not want to get off!

Timothy cried at first but then he was fine and enjoyed the ride!

I think Elijah could have stayed at the big slide inflatable all night and been just happy!!

This is Elijah playing the bean bag toss in the preschool area.

Isaac riding the horse. As we were leaving they had to ride the horses again.

After baths the boys were being silly by putting on Timothy's costume.

Actually Isaac started the "dress up" thing. I thought this a cute picture of these two.

Our Fall Fest was last Saturday night (October 30) at our church. The kids had such a great time! My plans were to only stay about an hour because we needed to get home and prepare for church the next morning, but ended up staying the whole time! There was some outside things so we did them first so that when the sun went down we would be inside and out of the cold. There was pony rides, inflatables and a petting zoo on the outside. Isaac says his favorite thing was the pony rides. Then on the inside there was of coarse Pizza, cake walk, laser tag, face painting and corn hole. Also on the inside was a few rooms just for preschoolers like a cupcake walk, duck pond, bean bag toss and miniature corn hole. The kids got some candy but I am so thankful that we did not get too much this year!! Needless to say when we left we all were a little tired and ready to eat some candy and go to bed!! A great BIG thanks to my mom and dad who were here to help me with the kids at the Fall Fest!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Lesson from God this week

A piece blew away and he was picking it up.

He did make it to the house with all the mail.

I wanted to share with you all my "Big" boy checking the mail. This was his first time to go check it all by himself. He loves checking the mail but usually he has someone go with him, not this time though. I remember when Isaac checked the mail for the first time and I got pictures of that too. I guess to me it is just one of those "big" growing up moments. Elijah was so excited to be the "Big" boy this time and he did very well.

I thought it would be fitting to share some pictures of Elijah because he is the one God used this week to open my eyes to some things. I have shared in other post that Elijah is my challenge child at this season in our lives. Well last Saturday was the greatest example...he didn't quite make it to the potty on time and tee-teed on the floor (on the carpet of our new home), next as we were outside unpacking the trailor with our last bit of stuff we noticed there was a leak at the back of the house (come to find out Elijah had over flowed the toilet upstairs), next...when he got up from his nap he had over flowed his underwear!!! Then there was something else but I will move on for time sake. He really sent me over the edge and I had had enough. We even had our fall fest at church and I was not in a socializing mood. Then all my emotions carried over to Sunday and Monday morning! I was ready to crawl back in to bed and not come out for DAYS!!
Monday morning someone at our church called and asked if I would be willing to speak to the College and Career girls about Philippians 4:8 "Whatsoever things are true,...think on these things". I said I would pray about it and get back with her. What I was really thinking is "No Way" I can't speak to anyone in this emotional state! Then on Monday night Elijah found a box in my room that I had not unpacked yet so he decided he would do that for me, only he just stacked all the books on the floor....but the box was emptied!! As he and I put all those books on the bookcase in my room I came across a book titled "Loving God with all your mind" and I flipped through the book and saw that the first 2 chapters were on Philippians 4:8! I rose Tuesday morning and began to read that first Chapter and God opened my eyes to the Truth, I was not and I struggle to think on things that are true!! The more I read of chapter 1 I was humbled and so grateful that Elijah had dumped out those books!! Then I began to go back and think about what was "True" on that last Saturday....1) my parents were here and were able to be a big help, 2) Sarah had basketball practice and that was cancelled, 3) Isaac had a football game and the other team forfieted which meant no game 4) because practice and the game were cancelled we had more family time and time to get a few things around here done. WOW!! Thinking on the things that are "True" has such freedom!
So get ready....I will probably be sharing more on this during this month. My final conclusion to this post is what I thought was a struggle God used to bring freedom and growth in my life....Thank You Lord!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just a couple of things....

I have been meaning to post somethings and just now have remembered at a time when I could post!

#1- I need to give some credit where credit is due. The picture of our new home and the maternity pictures of me have all been taken by my personal photographer, Isaac Camp. I think he has done a swell job to just be starting out. He loves to take pictures so I try to give him some opportunities to take a picture here or there. Thank you Isaac for taking pictures for mommy, you have done a great job! :)

#2- On Monday night Sarah and the little boys and I were having supper and Elijah was being Elijah, talking so grown up. I looked at Sarah and said "If this next baby is anything like Elijah I ...", then she finished my sentence for me. Sarah said "You are in BIG trouble!". I just laughed and laughed! I might have been thinking that but not sure if I would have spoken it.

#3- Yesterday I had to take Sarah to the Dr. She has not been feeling well and yesterday she was worse. She actually had been complaining with her tongue and throat hurting on Saturday but I just thought it might be an ulcer (we get those pretty regular around here). Then on Monday she was saying that it felt like something was in her ears. Yesterday when she got up she didn't even finish her breakfast and that is not like her at all, she loves breakfast!! I knew then that something was not right. They tested her for strep and that was negative, so decided that it was tonsillitis and fluid on her ears. We are taking some medicine and praying that the Great Physician will heal her and we will be done with this mess. We have been so blessed to not be sick alot and usually if we do get sick it is a stomach virus, so we haven't been to the Dr. alot...Praise the Lord!! Please pray with us for Sarah to feel better and that the rest of us will be protected from getting this.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

These Two...

I have a ton of pictures of Isaac and Sarah but these were the easiest to get to. I just love to look at pictures of them together! I am so thankful that they have each other and so thankful that God gave them to me. Yesterday as I laid the little boys down for a nap, Isaac and Sarah went out to play for a little while. I went out to call them in for some rest time and I could see they were playing together, so I snuck around one side of the van so I could watch them. I wanted to stay there forever. I listened as they talked and watched as they worked together to clear a path through some weeds. It was a time that I will hold dear to my heart. You see I realize that time is going by fast and those two are growing up even faster. Isaac is 9 and in 9 more years he will be 18!! I just think that the past 9 years have gone by fast, with the addition of more children, the next 9 will go by even faster I am sure! Yes, these two do have their moments of sibling rivalry but if only you could have seen what I saw yesterday. I remember when Sarah was born that Isaac thought she was the greatest thing and you knew he loved that baby sister. Also yesterday Isaac kept agrivating Sarah and I told him he was going to have to get out of her face. He told me "Mom, she is just so beautiful I can't leave her alone"! She loves it when Isaac or her Daddy tell her how pretty she looks. What makes Sarah so pretty is her heart, she is such a kind and giving young lady. My prayer is and has always been that my children would have a special relationship now and forever. Thank You God for allowing me to see Isaac and Sarah enjoying each other, I praise you Lord!!