A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sarah is next up to bat.

She makes sure she has a good line up.

And she hits that ball!!!

Sarah is not going to let that ball get by her.

Of coarse Elijah finds a stick and Isaac is trying to stay out of the way.

Timothy is exploring.

Tonight was Sarah's first T-Ball game. Her teams name is Dodgers. We had fun and enjoyed watching her have a good time! She loves playing whatever and just has a good time. As you may know it is a challenge when we all go to the ball field. The boys think it is time to get DIRTY, and I guess they are right. Nothing that some soap and water want cleanse away. The boys had just as much fun playing as Sarah did playing in the game. We enjoyed being together as a family and watching Sarah play T-Ball.

Isaac's last day at basketball camp is Thursday and I hope to have pictures then.

On the pregnancy note...I will be 11 weeks tomorrow! I am still nauseated and running a very low fever. So when the nausea hits and the fever is on I feel like yuck!! But all is well and we are just so excited. The fever thing is nothing to worry about, I had one with Timothy too. It is about 99.2. My Dr. then told me as long as it did not get over 100 I should be ok. You know there is nothing like feeling the baby move for the first time and I am already looking forward to that and all those other great moments.

More to come.....

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Quick Post

Just wanted to post a quick update on our family. Things have been so busy here lately.

Kids: Isaac is going to a basketball camp this week and had a great time today. He actually got the "elementary boy camper of the day" award. So it was me with the other 3 kids and we played and had a good time but so missed BIG brother. Sarah was suppose to have her 1st T-Ball game tonight but it got rained out.

Pregnancy: I have been nauseated but actually today has been the best day so far. I was sooooo sick with Elijah so this is nothing compared to that. I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday and that means that in 2 weeks I will be through my first trimester!! WOW!

Family: We are anticipating a visit from some dear friends this coming weekend. We hope all goes well and they get to come. Since the move I can't seem to get in a good grove so I am hoping that by the time we start school back in August we will have some kind of rhythm. We are still needing to sell our home in Alabama, it would be great if that would happen before August too.

Up and coming: I hope to get some pictures posted soon and give more of an update.

Thanks for following!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Special Father's Day: Our Family

Over 14 years ago I married my best friend, Bryan. Our family began in June of 1996. We said our vows before God, family and friends. Little did we know that today our marriage would be stronger and that we would love each other more. We are the best of friends! We just knew that we were ready for children right away and figured that God would give them quickly. God had different plans for us and He gave us 5 years together before blessing us with our first child.

It was not until we had been married for 4 years that we found out that baby #1 was on the way. We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary in June of 2001 and in August Isaac arrived. "Man and a woman had a little baby, yes they did, there was three in the family"...know that song? That was us, three in our family now. We were just so excited about this baby and loved everything about him. Since it took us so long to have baby #1 we just knew that it would probably take just as long to have another baby. We left that in the Lord's hands.

Shortly after Isaac turned one we found out that baby #2 was on the way. We were so excited about having another baby and was delighted that soon there would be 4 in our family. Sarah was born in July of 2003. She was our little princess and we just loved her sooooo much. Isaac loved being a Big brother and was crazy about Sarah. I know what you are thinking and what many people have thought...what a perfect family...one boy and one girl, surely this is a stopping point. God tells us that He is the giver of life and that is something that He has taught us. See after Sarah was born we thought maybe we needed to wait to have any more children, and then in December of 2005 we lost a pregnancy. I began to wonder if God would only give us 2 children, but I look back now and see that He was teaching us something. Children are valuable, they are the future, we needed to let God dicide when and how many children we would have. I prayed that God would open my womb if His plan was for us to have more children. I remember for a year and a half Isaac and Sarah praying for a baby, I mean faithfully praying.

Then in May of 2007 Elijah was born. We were so excited to have this new blessing and what a joy he was. After Elijah was born I would look at our family picture and I was very content with 3 children and if God decided not to give us any more I would be OK with that. Little did I know that God was not finished.

WOW another baby!! In April of 2009 Timothy joined our family and now we are a family of 6!! Timothy has been a sweet joy to us and we are all crazy about him. Although Sarah was wanting a baby sister, she has been so in love with her baby brother. When I realize we have 4 children and some people think we are crazy, I am reminded of some things, 1) it took us awhile to have children, 2) we lost a pregnancy (which is proof that God is the giver of life), 3) God says in His Word that children are a reward.

Bryan and I are very blessed with wonderful fathers. They came up this weekend and we had such a great visit. Both our parents came and my two grandmothers also came.

They all arrived on Saturday and then that night we had a fish fry. They all got to spend some time with the kids and we all enjoyed every minute of their visit.

They even stayed and went to church with us this morning and came back to our house for lunch. Every time we get together we always have good eating and fellowship.

And now all this brings our story to a new chapter....(if you have made it to this point you are a faithful follower of our blog, thank you!) In January of 2011 we will be welcoming baby #5!! We are very excited and shared this news with our family after supper on Saturday night. We hope and pray that you will share in our joy with us. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Trip Home to Alabama

Someone got hold of the paper towels!

Sarah loves being outside!

Isaac is trying to catch the bubbles and hold the basketball.

Our official bubble maker...and he loves it.

It is so hard to believe that it has been almost two weeks since my last post. I will say this..."We have been busy and there is so much to be done!" Last week Bryan was at Youth Camp in Pisgah, AL and had a great time. There was over 100 that went...60 something from our church and 40 from another church. Bryan said that it was really awesome. The youth and college age were so well behaved and got along very well. I am so thankful that we are part of a church that has a good youth group. While he was gone to youth camp the kids and I headed to Alabama to visit family and friends!! The first night we were there we met my in-laws for supper and it was so nice to see them and for the kids to get to be with them some. The next day we had lunch with some friends and it was so nice to see them and spend some time with them. My dad and mom got to take the day off and be there with us...Thanks mom and dad! On Wednesday night we got to see my grandmothers and have supper with them. My Nanny and my mother made an awesome home cooked meal....ummmmmm! For dessert my grandmother made a homemade chocolate cake and it was so good, almost sinful. Then on Wednesday night the kids and I went back to West Park Heights for church. Isaac and Sarah were so excited about seeing everyone and the other kids just ran and hugged them. It was real nice to get to see those people that mean alot to us. What a blessing we received from being there. Then the next afternoon it was time to head back to Tennessee. We got up on Thursday morning and began packing up, went to the park for a little while to play with some more friends and lastly the kids, my dad and I went to the Berman Museum. We had the best time with all those we got to see and be with for those few days. And the trip...I was a little nervous because I had never made that trip alone, but it couldn't have been any better. We stopped one time on the way down and then we stopped at a park when we got almost home. I know that others were praying for us and I know that it is because of those prayers and the mighty God we serve that everything went as it did! Thank you Jesus!!

P.S. The pictures are not from our trip to Alabama, but some I had taken here at the house.

Friday, June 4, 2010

14 years and counting!

Me and My wonderful, God sent hubby!

Ms. Caroline kept the kids so we could have a date.

I wanted to post this sooner but haven't had time....better late than never!

Wednesday, Bryan and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. It is so hard to believe that it has been 14 years. Time flies when you are having fun. I can say that we both love each other more today than we did 14 years ago. On Monday Bryan planned a date for us, babysitter and all! Ms. Caroline came when the kids got up from their nap (around 4) and then we headed to Murfreesboro for supper and some time together. We arrived back at home around 8:15 and all was well at the Camp house. Ms. Caroline did great with the kids and the kids had fun with her...yes, she kept all 4 by herself and she survived! It was nice having a date because since we have been here those date nights have been few and far between. We always depended on our parents to watch the kids. I love the man I am married to and I could spend all day listing the many reasons but all I need to say is that he is a gift from God, made just for me! Bryan is a wonderful husband and I look forward to many, many more years together with him. I love you , Bryan!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun Day 2010

Isaac is a great bicycle rider!

Elijah would much rather push this car than ride his bike.

Cool down time.

Sarah is FAST!

Getting ready for the squirt bottle fight.

Sponge toss was so much fun!

The kids with Ms. Caroline.

Today was Fun Day at the Camp's! Last year we had Fun Day and it was actually our first Fun Day. Last year was great and the kids had a blast that we have decided to do a Fun Day at the end of our school year. Well today was this year's Fun Day...and boy did we have a blast. The day started out with a craft, Bible verse and prayer. Then we headed outside to do a bicycle obstacle, relay races, cool off with Popsicles, a squirt bottle fight and a sponge toss competition. Our neighbor, which is Isaac's friend, came and joined us for the outside activities. Once we had finished our fun outside we headed in for sandwiches and chips and after lunch we made cookies. It was just a day of fun...no school!! We also had a young lady from the church to join us and she was such a great help. To begin with she helped with Timothy and then when he went down for a nap she joined us outside. It was nice having an extra hand! I think each of us had a great Fun Day!