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Joshua 24:15

Saturday, August 20, 2011

He is 10!!

Isaac loves chips and slasa!

Birthday dessert...that everyone got to enjoy! Thanks Isaac for sharing! :)

These kids LOVED the dessert!

Doesn't that look delicious? It was!!!!

He loves reese cups!

A new book to read!

Baseball cards!

The birthday cake!

It is so hard to believe that Isaac is 10 today! The past few days I have been thinking back and it is amazing how time flies! If only I could go back 10 years and know then what I know now. Isaac is a very special boy! He is our oldest and most days he loves being the BIG brother! He is a loving child and can just melt your heart! He loves to play board games and loves learning something new. Isaac's best subject in school is Math and he says he wants to be a Math teacher one day and coach football. Isaac has been doing a devotion for his football team and I am so proud of him!! Yesterday we took him to eat at the restaurant of his choice and we really had a great time! Then this morning he opened presents. Sarah insisted on buying him something with her money, she got him some baseball cards and some reese cups! My parents sent him a birthday package that he opened also. They had sent him a Tim Tebow book and a BIG pack of baseball cards. Isaac's friends are coming this afternoon for some yard football and a party! I wanted to do him a football cake this year and I thought I would include a picture of the cake. All the kids said "that's the best cake you have ever done, mommy" and I have to agree! :) I hope to post pictures of the party tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Dodey Roughton said...

Great job with the cake! I know he loved it!!

Wendy said...

Happy 10th Birthday, Issac! I hope you have had a great day!!

Nancy said...

Welcome to double digits, Issac! You are an amazing boy, I can just tell!! Love your cake, too! Hope your day was wonderful!

Christina Bunn said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! Cantina..that cake is awesome. You are so talented!

Anonymous said...


The cake is awesome!! You put so much time and love into each of the birthday cakes for your kids. You are truly an amazing MOM! Bryan and the kids are truly blessed having you in their lives.
Me and Daddy too!!!
Love, Mom