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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Monday, December 19, 2011

Isaac and a goat

So where do I begin? It was Thursday morning and the kids were suppose to be starting their school. I went into the kitchen and Isaac was not at the table (where he usually does his school). But the door to the garage was wide open. I went to the garage and could not find him, so I yelled for him and he didn't answer. Bryan was on his way to work and said maybe Isaac was doing his chores, but I knew that he had already done his chores. I looked outside and what did I see...Isaac with a young goat. What was he doing? He had come to the garage and gotten a piece of material and was tying the goat up. So I told Isaac to come in and asked him why he had a goat. He informed me that he found the goat and was going to tie the goat up so the coyotes could not get it. I know what you are thinking because I was thinking the same thing!!! :) Anyway we told him that we would find the owner and return the goat. Of coarse with all the excitement the other kids have to come and see what is going on. So now we are all outside looking at this really cute goat and trying to decide where could it have come from. Bryan says that he will ride to a couple of houses before going to work to see if someone might be missing a goat. When Bryan leaves it is all I can do to try and get the kids to focus on what we need to be doing, which is school. Isaac keeps coming up with ideas that if it doesn't belong to anyone then maybe he could keep it, he could build it a house, what would we do with it for the night so that no coyotes get it, and on and on. Bryan comes back by to report that no one is at home and that when he gets off they will try again. We ask Isaac once again how and where he found the goat. He tells us that he was starting to do his school work when he heard the goat bleating. He looked out and saw the goat in the cow pasture behind our house and just new that the goat was lost. He goes to the gate of the cow pasture, climbs under the gate and runs to the goat, picks up the goat and beings it all the way back to our house. What? So now I realize that we have a "stolen" goat. It is all I can do to hold back my laughter. We inform Isaac that he is going to have to take the goat right back and that the goat will be fine and will find its way back to where it needs to be. Isaac goes (very sadly) and gets the goat and returns it. When he comes in I asked him did he put the goat right back. Isaac looks at me and says (with tears in his eyes) "yes ma'am, I put him on a platter for the coyotes. I just served them dinner" and he walks off. Bryan calls when he gets to work and reassures Isaac that the goat will be alright. WOW all that over a goat. What a story! Sorry so long but I really wanted to share every detail!! Isaac is fine and has not mentioned the goat much at all, except to tell family that he rescued a goat. Its moments like this that I love homeschooling!! :)


Anonymous said...

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac!!! You are just like you Paw!!! That was something he would have done. You are so precious and we love you so much! We love you all so much and enjoy you even if we are not with you all the time. Cantina, thanks for posting! We loved it!! Miss you all so much and yes it is quite here.

Love and Hugs,
Paw and Maw

Nancy said...

I vote for a baby goat this Christmas!!
This is such a precious story!

Dodey Roughton said...

I laughed out loud and had to read it to Charles. The story is precious, but the realization of a "stolen" goat got me (I could only imagine your reaction and what mine would have been) as well as Isaac's serving him on a platter for the coyotes." Oh my goodness...lol...that is absolutely something Ella would say. I'm with Nancy....Isaac needs a goat for Christmas. There would be less grass mowing :)