A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Tree and Lights

Our Christmas Tree! Decorated by the kids!

Hanging lights on the house.

We were still out of town the day after Thanksgiving so we didn't get Christmas things out and done until Wednesday of this week. My kids LOVE putting up the tree. Bryan puts up the tree and we are soooo thankful for a pre-lit tree!! :) Then I hang the ornaments that will break up at the top. The kids hang the rest! We all have a part in putting up the tree! I remember when there was a time that I really stressed about the ornaments being just right on the tree and spaced out evenly....Praise God that He has changed me! It doesn't bother me any more, I know the kids really want to help and I need to let them! So glad that I don't stress about this any more. It's just a tree and what matters most is that the kids are helping and enjoying it!!

We have never had lights on the house! Just not something we have ever put time or money into doing. Last year Elijah loved looking at Christmas lights and let us know that he wanted lights on our house. Well this year he got what he wanted! Bryan went and bought lights and now we have light on our house. I will try and post a picture of them finished and lit up soon! The kids love the lights on the house and it is starting to "Look alot like Christmas" around here. Now if I could finish up shopping and get presents wrapped..... How are you preparing for Christmas this year?


Nancy said...

I love decorating, too! The kids love it & it gets me motivated to clean our house better because of the beauty of the Christmas decor!
Love your header picture!

Anonymous said...

The tree looks beautiful and we can't wait to see the lights on the house. Love, Mom and Dad