A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Timothy!

Well it has came and went....Timothy's first Birthday that is. I had often thought about his 1st birthday and knew that it would be here before I knew it but now it is already came and went. It is so hard for me to believe that my baby is ONE!!! Isaac and Sarah were even excited. We actually did a small party with my parents and Bryan's parents, here at our new home in Tennessee. Both sets of parents came up and spent a couple of days with us and went to church with us on Sunday. It was real nice getting to be with our folks. Timothy had a great time and enjoyed digging in his cake. He has just grown up way too fast! He is cutting his 1st year molars and that has been tough. He has started waving and loves to "talk" on the phone. One thing he has loved doing lately is playing chase, I can get on my hands and knees and chase him around the couch and he just laughs and will run wanting me to come after him. He has been such a joy and blessing. We look forward to many more years with Timothy. Our deepest prayer is that he would come to know the Lord and serve Him faithfully.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Locks of Love!

This was a Mother & Daughter thing! Sarah and I desperately needed a hair cut so we decided to go all out and donate our hair to "locks of love" ( I think I spelled that right). We had a really great experience and love our new hair styles. Sarah got 10 inches cut off and I got 11 inches cut. I am sorry this is a short post but I am headed to Wednesday night Bible Study and wanted to post this and give everyone an update on our family. I hope to post Birthday pictures next time!

Love from Tennessee!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our home in Tennessee

Our first guest!

Yes, this is in our yard!

He is all boy!

The moving princess

Our second guest!

Yes, this is our back yard!


Sarah just had to get out in the snow

Timothy is trying to help unpack!

We feel so welcomed!!

Well, we are getting settled in our house and church. Things are going really well. It is so hard to believe that we have been in Tennessee for 3 weeks now, going on 4! Our first morning in our house we saw deer while we were eating breakfast. We have a french door in the kitchen right by the table and we looked up and saw a couple of deer. We got to looking and there were 9 deer in our yard. It was so beautiful. We live in the city limits but right next to a huge field which is where they graze. Then on the first Sunday afternoon at our new house we saw 19 turkey! They too were on their way to the grazing field. It is just amazing to see these wild animals in our yard and close enough I got to take pictures. Then the following morning we woke up to snow. It wasn't alot and the only place it stuck was the porch. Sarah just had to get in it so I let her go out for a minute. Bryan, Isaac and Elijah had gone to Alabama so it was just the girls and Timothy. The snow was beautiful. These things just reminded me of how beautiful God's creation is and I felt as if God was reminding me that He is with us as we follow His will for our lives.

We are almost through unpacking and getting settled in. Elijah would rather be outside 24/7 than unpack or putting things away. As you can see in the picture he would even go out with NO shoes on. He did find that stick and had the best time walking around with it. He looks like a traveler, kind of like a man from the Bible with his staff. Sarah can make the best time even out of unpacking. She made the crown out of Timothy's pop beads and grabbed a cooking utensil from one of the kitchen boxes and her and I became Queen and princess of unpacking. She is such a joy and it rubs off on those around her. Timothy wanted to do his share of unpacking, so as I unpacked things to go in the Master closet he thought he would sort out the hangers. Our closet has been a play area as we have went through boxes and the kids will just sit in our closet and go through a box of toys and have the best time. Things are beginning to find their place and we are trying to find a place for everything....we will get there.

As for school...we have yet to be able to get into full swing. I am really excited about trying something new with Isaac and Sarah starting next week. We are going to do a "unit study" and it is on Cowboys. I am really anxious to see how this will go. We have never done a unit study so this will be new to all of us. We will do a few days this week and then get in full swing next week. If you know of any great books or web sites or anything on Cowboys please let me know, I could always use ideas!

As we pulled into the church parking lot on our first Sunday we were greeted with the sign out front that welcomed us. The kids were tickled. Things are going really well at our new church. The kids are adjusting and doing well. Sarah has met a couple of friends at church and Isaac has too but he also has a little boy that lives across the street that he has become real big buddies with. Timothy does fine in the nursery but doesn't want to get down and play yet. Elijah is doing OK in his classes and is coming in with us during worship. The people have been so nice and very welcoming. Already been to our first birthday party and just can't wait to get to know other families better. We feel so blessed with those that God has placed in our path and pray that God would use us to bless and encourage them.

Love from Tennessee!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Sarah with Hannah and Lauren. These girls have become some of Sarah's best friends!

This is a little boy in Elijah's Sunday School class. He is brother of Hannah and Lauren!

Timothy and Morgan (The only 2 in the nursery for Sunday School)

Elijah's class (Mrs. Scarlet and Mrs. Betty were his teachers) Elijah had to sit with Mrs. Betty on our last Sunday Night service (3-7-10) he loves her!

Sarah's class. She has built a special relationship with Mr. Jim and Mrs. Pat...we all have.

Isaac's class. Mrs. Nancy and Mrs. Pat were so good to him, they even gave him a going away present.

This is a picture of a special friend. Christina and I would meet on Wednesday nights and grow together in the Lord. We have become very dear to each other. Timothy and her Lilly are one week apart.

Our last Sunday at WPH was March 14, 2010

I wanted to post about our last Sunday at West Park Heights. What a blessed day to share with those that God has placed in our lives and what a sad day to say..."until next time". I went and took pictures of all the kid's Sunday School classes and then after the service that morning we had a fellowship lunch. It was so good to get to spend time with those who stayed and give hugs and share some love. Mrs. Peggy got some pictures together and made our kids a picture album of pictures and they love those albums. Thank you again Mrs. Peggy for taking time to put those together and for thinking of the kids, you are great!! We have been so blessed as a family with those at West Park Heights in so many ways. We will always hold the memories dear to our hearts!! I will admit that there were some tears shed that day and I look forward to seeing those people again on some of our visits back to Alabama. Also on our last night at our old home a dear friend that went to church with us at WPH brought us supper and we are so thankful! Thank you Christie for blessing us with not just supper but with plates, plastic silverware, plastic cups & zip lock bags, you were so thoughtful. Christie even brought cookies for the kids, we all loved the cookies! May God bless you Christie for going above and beyond to bless us!

I know today is Easter and I do have Easter pictures to post but I wanted to share something else on this post...Memories. I will eventually get caught up with my blogging but for now I ask that you hang in there with me and thank you for keeping up with us!

Happy Easter!! I am so thankful to serve a God who is ALIVE and not dead!