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Joshua 24:15

Monday, July 9, 2012

Homeschool Moment

This is a game I came up with when Isaac and Sarah were younger and we were playing games with our assignments. One day as we were doing school I just grabbed a piece of construction paper and drew this out for them. It didn't last long on the construction paper.

A few months back as I was doing school with Elijah I thought about this game. So I took a few minutes and drew it out on some card stock paper and laminated it with contact paper. Now it will last a little bit longer (I hope). The only thing I would do different is make only 10 trees (I was just trying to get it done and not paying a lot of attention to how many trees I drew).

We have this set of counting bears (you could use whatever you wanted) that we use as baby bear and momma bear. I put momma bear in the house and tell them that she is making them some yummy cookies. Then we place the baby bear(s) at start. I tell the boys that baby bear was playing outside and needs to head home so he can eat a cookie. I then hold up a flashcard (whatever you are learning, we were working on numbers) and if they get it right they can move to tree #1, if not then they must stay at start (or whatever tree they are in). If they answer the next flashcard or question correct they can move on to the next tree and so on until they reach momma bear, who is waiting with her homemade cookies!!


Anonymous said...

You rock Teacher!!!

So smart, you must get that from me!! HaHa!!!

Love and Hugs,

Dodey Roughton said...

very creative

Kirstie said...

Once again, I will so copy this! You have given me some great ideas!We got the typing program and the kids love it. Thanks for the idea!