A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Monday, October 31, 2016

Lots of Fun!!

Today the kids and I did a few fun things along with our regular school work. Our church had a Fall Festival last night and our kiddos had lots of fun there too! I read this book to the kids right before lunch. We enjoy this story every time we read it!
Then after lunch we made chocolate covered pretzels! Here is Joanna about to eat her pretzel!
We made white chocolate and milk chocolate covered pretzels. YUMMY!!
Then I printed off some pumpkin coloring sheets for the kids. They all enjoyed a little coloring! Here is Timothy using his markers to color his picture.
We had fun today and we enjoyed doing a few fun things today! Love being with these kids!!

Friday, October 28, 2016


Below is a bag from a famous fast food restaurant...can you guess what restaurant?
While we were on our 12 day school trip up the east, we ate at this restaurant once. My kids like eating here, but on this particular time during our trip Timothy brought me this bag and said "Look, MOM!" I didn't quite get it at first, but then I saw it...can you see it? The word MOM on her collar? My heart melted... Because he would notice that detail and that he saw "MOM". I LOVE my kids and they are a joy to me, I am very blessed!! The other day while Timothy was doing his school work he had to finish a few sentences with words of his choice. One of the sentences was "I love..." And Timothy finished the sentence with "my mom"! Moments like these are God's reward to me for being the mom that He has called me to be. It's not always an easy road but the joy and rewards of following the Lord gives me strength for the hard days. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Fall is here! The weather is feeling like fall and the apples are in season! I really do like this time of year! I usually cut up an apple (Fuji is our favorite) each afternoon and that is our favorite snack. 

When we bought our home 3 years ago there was an apple tree in the back yard and we enjoy picking those apples in the fall and baking with them. They are too tart for me to just eat right off the tree but they are delicious in a few of our favorite recipes!! Thought I would share a picture of one of the baskets we picked this week. 
Then the kids and I made an assembly line and peeled, sliced, and put in freezer bags these wonderful apples. :) I had a few apples that didn't quite fit in to a bag, so with those I made baked apples (see picture below).
I placed the cut up apples in a glass baking dish, added some butter, cinnamon, and sugar (Stevia to be exact). Baked them at 400 for 20-30 minutes, stirring half way through baking time. DELICIOUS!!!

We like apples in our apple muffins, Apple oatmeal bake, Apple bars (I need to get Sarah to post that recipe soon), and Apple oatmeal. My next attempt will be Apple pie or cake. Yummy!!!

Do you like apples? What is your favorite way to eat apples?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Crown of Hearts Flexi-Clip

It's been a while since I have blogged and that means it's been a while since I have posted pictures. I wanted to share Joanna showing off her Lilla Rose Crown of Hearts Flexi-Clip. She loves this clip and it looks very cute in her hair. She likes it when I do a braid/ponytail and add the clip to the ponytail. Hear she is showing it off by saying "See". 
Below is a picture of what the braid/ponytail looks like. One of our favorite ways to fix her hair. 
This is a cute Flexi-Clip for little girls, matter of fact I ordered two of them and gave them as gifts. I want to encourage you to head over to my web page at www.lillarose.biz/cantinacamp and check out this clip. It will be retiring soon, don't miss out on this one! It would make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Of coarse there are other hair accessories you might want to check out while you're there. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Fair

Last week was the Middle Tennessee District Fair here in Lawrenceburg, TN. Last year and this year we entered a few items in the fair. The kids really enjoy entering things and then it is always extra fun if they win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

This year Elijah entered some grape jelly we had canned, Timothy entered art work, strawberry jam, and banana muffins, Isaac entered a picture of his dog, Joanna entered a Christmas ornament, art work, chocolate cupcakes, and black raspberry jam, and then Sarah entered a picture she took on our school trip, a pillow she had made, strawberry plum jam, four pieces of art work, and a decorated cake. Some of their items did place and we are proud of them just for entering something.

Here are just a few of the things the kids entered in the fair.
Here is Isaac's picture, he got first place in the youth animal category. 
Sarah's picture she entered but it didn't place.
Joanna's cupcakes that Sarah helped her make, she got 1st place.
Sarah decorated this cake and it got 3rd.

The kids are already thinking about what they can make and enter for next year. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Free Shipping at Lilla Rose

Not sure if you have discovered Lilla Rose hair accessories, they are great! I would love for you to visit my LIlla Rose web page (www.lillarose.biz/cantinacamp) and take a look around at their products. If you see something you like (must be $40 or more) or maybe something you could purchase as a gift for someone else, add it to the cart and then at checkout select Free Standard Shipping! I promise you won't be disappointed! Below is a few pictures of the clips in my hair. (The Free Shipping is only until tomorrow night at 11:59 p.m., so hurry on over. Your order has to be $40 or more to get the free shipping.)
This is a mini clip with the sides of my hair pulled back. I usually wear it like this to church.
Here is a close up picture of that same picture/clip.
Here is Sarah with all her hair pulled up in a twist with a large clip. Her hair is longer and thicker than mine so this size works great on that type of hair if you are pulling it all up. We pulled it up like this so she could do some cooking, 
Here I am with a small clip in my hair. This is at the park where the kids were playing. I usually wear my hair up in a twist like this everyday if we are at home. It is real comfortable. The mini, extra small, and small clips are what I wear the most and are probably the most popular size. If you get on my web page at www.lillarose.biz/cantinacamp set you up an account and order something, I would love to hear from you. 

Have you ever heard of Lilla Rose? If so, do you have any of their hair accessories? If so, what is your favorite?