A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Shingles Go On and the Windows Are In!

In June the roofers came and put on the shingles. 
They also came and put in the windows.

It is coming along! It has been a blessing for the kids to be around and see what all is going on as the house is being built. They have also been a big help and are learning a few things too. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Home for us now...

is a camper! In May we made the decision to borrow Bryan's parents camper and live in it to save some money while building the house. We also thought it would be good for us to be close to the house during the building process.

Camper life has been an adventure. I know this will make me appreciate our new home much more.

The kids and I have been to visit family in AL some during this time. Which has been a great time for me to do some cooking to take back with us. Although this is a challenging time in our lives, God is very good to us. 

We have learned to use the crock pot, Fry Daddy, and electric skillet for a lot of things. Our neighbors have been so good to let us come over to wash clothes and take baths. It has given us an opportunity to get to know them better and build a friendship there. We have not hooked up the gas to the camper so the only hot water we have is the water from the hose pipe at the end of the day. The first one to take a shower gets the warm water. Bryan doesn't mind a cold shower, he is tough. I am a wimp because I just can't make myself do it. I did take my first shower in the camper last week, we boiled water in the fry daddy then added enough cold to make it warm and Bryan brought it to me in "cool whip" tubs until I was through with my shower. He is such a good husband! :) (Was that TMI?)

I pray that as the years go by we will look back on this time and remember all that God has done. That we will be making lots of memories and enjoying time as a family.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Vacation 2014 (Final)

This year on vacation I bought a puzzle we could do together. It was a RIO 2 puzzle I picked up at Kohl's. All the pieces were different sizes for different ages in the family. So cute and neat!
Here are the kids working really hard and enjoying puzzle time. :) Below is the finished product.
I have already decided that I will buy another puzzle next time we go on vacation. 
 I can't believe these are the only two pictures I took at the pool. These two are the ones that liked the pool the most! All our children love a good swim. Timothy learned to swim last summer and has done really well in the pool this year. So proud of him!
We had so much fun and will be ready to go back next year...by then we will be in our new home! Yay!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Walls Go Up!

The middle of May the framers were working to frame up the house. It took about two to two and a half weeks for the walls to go up. Then it rained the first week of June and nothing happened that week. The next step was the windows got put in.
This is the porch and front wall of house being framed. They put it together then lifted it up in place.
We have never built a house before so all this is new to us...and exciting!
Here is the side and below is the front view of the house.
We did go back with the original house plans but changed it up a little. We changed the things that we had already said we would change one day. The week of the 4th of July was one year ago that we had moved into the house. We were there almost exactly 5 months when the fire happened. So hard to believe all that has happened in a year! 
God gives us beauty for ashes, strength for fear, and gladness for mourning...

Vacation 2014 (Part 3)

Here is Elijah and Timothy enjoying the waves. These two get to laughing and we start laughing at them. They are two silly boys!
Here is most of our crew working on the sand castle. It was a team effort.
My favorite beach picture!! 
Joanna had so much fun!
We ate lunch out one day at Doc's seafood...the best! Here is the silly boys posing for a picture.
We all enjoyed our food and the service was great! Isaac and Sarah like popcorn shrimp and fish.
Would recommend eating there if you ever go to Orange Beach. We will eat there again on our next beach trip. :)
After loosing all our pictures and videos in the fire, pictures mean more now than ever. I took lots on our vacation.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Laying the Block

May 6th...Here are a couple of pictures of the men laying the block of our new home. The pool is going to have to go. It is in the way of backfilling and the retaining wall. The pool may go back up one day but for now our priority is having a home to live in. :)

Vacation 2014 (Part 2)

Letting the water wash over your feet...so fun!
Covering Timothy up in sand. We had to be careful not to get it in the eyes or mouth.
Bryan and Joanna took a walk on the beach. I will always remember as a little girl, my daddy and I taking walks on the beach together. Memories...priceless!
Here is another one that wanted to be buried in the sand. It's fun but the clean up...not so fun. :)
I pray that these two never grow too old to have fun at the beach.
I can not tell you how much we enjoyed this trip and how it was much needed. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vacation 2014 (Part 1)

In May we went to Orange Beach and enjoyed every moment of it. The weather was perfect!
The kids liked playing at the beach, digging in the sand, and finding shells. Bryan and I enjoyed watching the kids have so much fun!
They built sand castles complete with a moat. I don't think Joanna got in the ocean but a couple of times.
I love Bryan more now than I did 18 years ago when we married. Looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. 
These four LOVED playing in the waves. It was awesome to watch our kids have lots of fun together. 
Elijah and Isaac tried to see who could dig the deepest hole. 
Our family needed this get away and we are so thankful that God provided it for us! :)