A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Monday, July 24, 2017

What Is In The Pond?

Isaac went to the pond and came back with something to show us. He called us outside and dipped his hand in the bucket, he pulled out a handful of frog eggs! Talk about science in the backyard!
All the children thought the frog eggs were neat and now know first hand what they look like. The boys love finding frogs and now they know what those frogs look like in the egg stage.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Such A Beautiful Day

Back in March while Isaac was at 4-H Congress the other children and I had a fun spring day! It was such a beautiful day that we ventured out for a walk in the woods, a picnic, and lots of sunshine!
 The three younger children always enjoy playing in the woods. During our hike through the woods they would stop and show me where they play. The dogs enjoyed going on our adventure too!
 Sarah and I stop for a selfie. She is such a blessing!!
 Here we are on our picnic. Yummy sandwiches and chips.
 Another picture of our picnic. Our children enjoy picnics, they are lots of fun!
Joanna found a flower and wanted to show me. She loves finding flowers!

Those days we just do something different and are together makes for such a great day! The only things that would have made it better is if Bryan and Isaac would have been able to join us!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Culinary Camp

Last week Sarah had the privilege of attending a 4-H Culinary Camp in Murfreesboro! She loves to cook and bake so this was just perfect for her! The camp was from Tuesday morning til Thursday afternoon. Sarah did some baking and sold her baked goods to raise the funds needed to attend this camp. I was very proud of her for working hard to raise the money herself to attend camp!
 On Tuesday they visited the Farmers Market, participated in Food Fear Factor, cooked super and baked a dessert (the above strawberry shortcake), visited the Avenues, and got their room assignments.
 On Wednesday they were able to go to Kroger and Publix to get a "behind the scenes" tour, had a cupcake decorating war, and packed bags at the salvation army. During the cupcake time they were able to decorate several cupcakes with different techniques (above is three of Sarah's cupcakes).
This was one excited girl! On Thursday they had a "Chef challenge" and had to make a meal with egg plant in it. The only thing that upset her is that she will be too old to go again next year. She had a great time! It was hard for me to leave her but I know this was a great experience for her. We will be keeping an eye out for other opportunities like this. Sarah would really enjoy having a job at a bakery for the experience. We feel blessed and very thankful that God provided this opportunity for her!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Elijah Is Now In The Double Digits!

Happy 10th birthday to this little man! He is our builder and fixer! Elijah loves to build things with his Legos or anything he can get his hands on. If it is broke he wants to try fixing it. 

 Elijah is definitely Dangerous, just like his shirt says, on and off the field! Never a dull moment with this boy around!
 We took him out to eat for his birthday and he enjoyed every bite of his meal and dessert! He chose to go to Golden Corral, he picked up his plate and headed to the buffets, looked around and said to Bryan "I don't know where to begin!".
Such a blessed mom to call this boy my son! He is a joy and blessing to me in many ways. I know that God has great plans for Elijah and I can't wait to see how all that unfolds. I could see Elijah being a builder on a mission team and sharing with others God's love and goodness! Praying for his little man to be a man after God's own heart and to be a blessing to everyone that crosses his path. Love you Elijah, more than you will ever know!