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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with Paw and Maw 2011

My dad opening his gift. I LOVE that smile on his face!!

This year we made photo books for everyone. Dad (Paw) is holding up the one we made for them. We made them and Pop and Gigi's with pictures from our Vacation to the Water Park this summer. Then we made Bryan's brothers one for each of their families with pictures of the kids over the past year and things the kids had done. I thought the photo books turned out really nice.

We gave mother a plate that the kids painted while we were at the Water Park in August. It has all the kids hand prints on it, so sweet! That is also what we gave Gigi for Christmas.

Mother opening her presents from us! My kids were so excited about Maw and Paw opening their presents!!

Everyone wants to see what Daddy got! Even Joanna, can you see her?

Opening a present from my parents, with the boys help!

The little boys loved opening presents!! Maw gave all of us a pack of gum and I believe Timothy really liked his gum! We asked him if he liked "this" or "that" and he would say "No". Then we asked "Do you like your gum?" and he said "Yes". Too funny!! :)

Paw and Maw give the coolest presents! :)

Sarah and Joanna got some matching outfits, so cute!

The little boys got a gator and LOVE it!

Bryan made my parents a set of cornhole boards and we painted our hand prints on them.

Maw's is Auburn and Paw's is Alabama

We even got to play some cornhole with Paw and Maw while they were here. We all enjoyed playing!

My mother is going to kill me for putting this on here! :) I told them to get together and let me take a picture and this is what I got! LOL!!

I feel so blessed to have my parents love each other as much as they do. I know they love each other more today than ever!!

I know that this is a hard time for Dad, not having his mom with him this year. I am so thankful for my dad and he will never know the love I have for him! I (we all) so enjoyed him and mom coming to visit and celebrating Christmas with us!!

Maw and Paw came up Friday and we did Christmas with them. As always we enjoyed every minute with them! They got to stay til after lunch on Sunday. We had a nice supper on Saturday night and watched a movie that Paw and Maw gave us. I am sure that when they are here it seems like a crazy house but we love them being here!!

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Anonymous said...

And we love being there with you all at Christmas and any time we can be there. We love each one of you so much!! And yes you are right your Daddy and I are more in love today than ever. We enjoy each other so much. We had a blast at the CAMP house and enjoyed very minute of it; opening presents, playing corn hole game, going to church, and our supper that you cooked (and lunch). I think your Daddy's favorite time any time we are there is when all of the boys end up in the bed with him in the morning. That makes his day. I loved it when Elijah came and got in the bed with me and Sarah Saturday morning. So much love to get and give. We love you.

Love and Hugs to all,
Maw and Paw