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Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Joanna's first Christmas! She had so much fun playing with her things and everyone else's! LOL!

The other kids did a great job helping Joanna open her gifts!

Timothy was so cute opening his presents! We got him a train set and when he opened it Elijah said "what you have always wanted Timbo!" Timothy has never mentioned a train set. :) It was so cute!

Timothy has been sharing his sit and spin with Joanna. I hope they both get alot of fun out of it!

Elijah LOVES blue jeans. All the ones he has are hand me downs and most of them are getting holes in them so....he got 3 pairs of blue jeans for Christmas! (and some other cool stuff)

Sarah got Elijah a "Cars 2" calendar. He was so excited about opening presents. He just went wild!

Sarah was so thankful for all of her gifts! She got some really neat things.

She loves to play dress up but her dress up clothes are too little. My mom had some of my things so I gave her a couple of my old things for her to play dress up in. She has played dress up every day. I love that she is still a little girl!! :)

Isaac has been asking for a sports coat to wear to church. I finally found one and that was one of his gifts. He wore it to church on Sunday and he looked sooo handsome!

Isaac loves to play games so we got him a cross word game. He also got some football cards and some other neat things.

Isaac and Sarah earn Awana bucks on Wednesday nights at church, then at Christmas they can buy their parents gifts from the Awana store. My big kiddos LOVE buying gifts for others. They look forward to buying gifts at the Awana store and they do a great job. This year Bryan and I got some really neat things!!
We feel so blessed! It was a good Christmas and the kids enjoyed it! I will post next about Christmas Day!

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