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Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Way to go Elijah!

This is Elijah's school work from the first of school this year. I wanted you to notice his name at the top of the Indian page. I wrote it first and then he wrote it. I know it is not the best picture but can you see his handwriting?This is a paper he did back in January. WOW! I can see such an improvement in his writing. He has done so well in writing his name, his letters and his numbers.The full page so you can see his nubers!Yesterday he drew this picture! I am so proud of this boy! His drawing was all on his own. I told him I would take a picture of it and put it on the blog. Last night as we were getting ready for bed he asked if I had put his picture on the blog. :)

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Anonymous said...

Love that SMILE!! He is the cutest almost five year old!!!!
Good job Elijah. Your picture, numbers and writing of your name is very good. Keep it up.

Love and Hugs,
Maw and Paw