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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easter Unit Study (Week 1 & Week 2)

I have never been a huge fan of Unit Studies. We have tried one or two and one went really well (a two week unit study on Cowboys) but the other one did not go so well. I told myself then that we would probably not do any more Unit Studies.

A month or so ago I decided that I wanted to do some Easter things and began to google some suggestions. I came across a Unit Study on Easter by Amanda Bennett. As I searched and looked at reviews on this Unit Study I thought I might give it a try. The day I was going to order they were having a discount on the Easter Unit Study (regularly $10.95, I got it for $6) so another good reason to try it. :)

We are only in week two of the four week study and so far I could not be more pleased! It is a downloadable PDF file that Isaac and Sarah can access on their own. They have four days for each week and each day includes writing out a scripture which is the scripture of the day (writing and I make them write it out in cursive), Words of Wisdom (vocabulary), Interesting People and Places (research) and Read and Discover (answering questions). Then on day 5 there is “Wrap Up” where we discuss the work they have done and what was their favorite things they learned. Isaac and Sarah are able to do the 4 days work independently and each day I make sure they have completed the daily work. The lessons have links to web sites for your study. An example would be under the Words of Wisdom there is a link to a dictionary. Also there is a link to maps under the Interesting People and Places. Isaac and Sarah have really enjoyed looking at the maps!

The Unit Study also has resources for you to consider and use. Those resources are books, movies, activities, music, etc. I chose for the kids to read Ben-Hur and the first day it was assigned Sarah finished it. Just had to laugh! There are some other resources that we will try and do that I think the kids will enjoy. I will post when we finish the study and let you know some other things we did.

I really like that this unit study has a lot of scripture and other biblical approaches. I am a little curious if the other unit studies from Amanda Bennett have as much scripture. My kids are crazy about horses and there is a Unit Study on horses from her that we might just have to try. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love it that you search and research homeschooling tools and that they are Biblical and interesting and a learning tool too! You are an awesome teacher, mom, advisor, friend, daughter, wife, etc. GOD is GOOD!! I love you.

Love and Hugs,