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Joshua 24:15

Friday, March 2, 2012

Read Week (Day 4)

I had planned this Read Across America Week a few months back and had really intended to have someone come and read to the children each day and enjoy lunch with us. But because the kids had been sick that didn't happen. :( By Thursday we had been fever free for over 24 hours so the lady that I had asked to come and read on Thursday was able to still come! We were so happy to have Mrs. Jenny come and read to the kids and eat lunch with us! Mrs. Jenny is a lady that we go to church with, she fills in for the office secretaries when they are out and she is Isaac and Sarah's piano teacher. We have just fallen in love with Mrs. Jenny. She is a very special lady and so dear to us! We had chosen for her to read The Little Red Hen, Berenstains' A book and Dr. Seuss's ABC. The theme for Day #4 was ABC's and 123's. We also read Thomas's ABC book, The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed, Amelia Bedelia, No Matter What, and Baby's First Book.

We plan on getting the other's that we asked to come and read to come another time. Last year our neighbor came and read, our plans are for her to come next week and read to the kids and have lunch with us. I think it is good for my children to have others to read to them and for my kids to be around other adults.

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Anonymous said...

Love this picture of the kids being read to by Mrs. Jenny. Looks like everyone is having fun this week with Read Across America.

Also meant to say I love the new pictures to the right of the kids.

Love and Hugs,