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Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Read Week (Day 2)

The theme for Day 2 of our Read Across America Week was "My Favorite". The kids are a part of "Book It" program that Pizza Hut puts out. The older kids are the only ones of age to participate right now. Each month they receive a reward for meeting a reading goal for the month. Their reward is a personal pan pizza! We all love Pizza Hut and this is usually our treat as a family. Yesterday we did lunch at Pizza Hut. It was very declicious!
Then after our lunch we headed to the library. My kids get so excited about going to the library. The little boys love to play on the computers while the big kids look for books. Going to the library is one of our favorites!

The boys playing on the computer together....well Timothy is watching Elijah.

Isaac and Sarah stop for a picture while looking for books.

Timothy playing the computer on his own.

Our only trouble was when it was time to leave Elijah did not want to quit playing on the computer. He has recntly been into playing games on the computer.

Sarah loves checking out books. She even picked one up for the little boys yesterday, such a thoughtful sister.

Isaac knew what he wanted before we got there....a book about Roy Rogers. He has always been into cowboys, even the old black and white movies.

Bryan took his lunch and went with us to Pizza Hut and the library! What a treat!! We LOVE it when Daddy gets to tag along with us. He was a huge help with Joanna at the library, I actually got to look at and check out books for the little ones.

Some of the books we read today were: Authur's Reading Race, Full Strength (A Tonka Truck reader), If you Take a Mouse To School, and Old McDonald Had a Farm. Isaac and Sarah finished reading their books yesterday (the books they got Monday in the mail). We are off to a very fun week. Can't wait to post about today's reading!

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Anonymous said...

Cute post!! Love the picture of all of the kids. Joanna looks so big in Bryan's arms. She is growing so fast!! Too fast!! Looks like the Camp Family had a great time together.
Love you lots,
Love and HUgs,
Maw and Paw