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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We had our Valentine Party today and had so much fun! Our first treat was that Bryan took off today!!! He has a REAL busy week and weekend so he took today to spend with us and it was PERFECT! I came up with some games for the kids and other things for us to do today. I wanted to post about our day and share the things we did. Get ready though there are a TON of pictures!! How Many M&M's? With Daddy's help Timothy got the closest! :)
I made these to go in the kids Valentine's bags. I thought it was sweet. (Got the idea from my dear cousin Dodey) Timothy decorating his V-Day bag!
Elijah making his bag. He put smiley faces on his bag. Really impressed at how well he drew those smiley faces!
Joanna trying to color on her bag. She is a sick little girl. She started running a fever and I took her to the Dr. this afternoon. She has a severe ear infection!! She doesn't feel good! :(
This was just what Sarah could do every day! She had so much fun decorating her bag! She also helped the little boys with their bags. Such a good sister. :)
Isaac very serious about his bag. He did a great job and got the job done.

After the kid's bags were ready we had our Bible time. We read and talked about 1Corinthians 13 and John 3:16. How God's love is true love! We also read Matthew 22:37-39 and sang a song together "Love the Lord Your God". Next the kids acted out the Good Samaritan story. We finished our Bible time with prayer.
The kids watched this movie. It is a very cute short movie. I got this game together for the kids to play. They had to match the "couples". It was real cute. When Sarah saw her name (that is suppose to go with Abraham) she said that Daddy (which is suppose to go with Mommy) was the match to her name. :)
I had seen this idea and wanted to do it, but thought it might take more time and items than I had. Then I saw my cousin had done one and that encouraged me to just do it. I printed out on a pick sheet of paper "I love you because..." and then framed it in a real nice frame that I already had but was not using. Then with a dry erase marker you can leave a message on the glass. I LOVED how it turned out! This was my gift to Bryan. All day I have left Bryan different reasons why I love him! The kids have enjoyed it too. They have even been writing on it. So fun!!!! This is the mini rose bush that Bryan picked out for Sarah. She LOVED it! He also picked out favorites for the other kids. Isaac got Jalapenjo cheetos, Elijah- chocolate milk (a whole gallon) and little debbies for Timothy and Joanna. So sweet of him to do this for the kids, special! Then we let the kids open their valentine's bags. Each bag contained cards from each sibling, a card from Gigi, candy from dad and mom and the boys got new bicycle helmets while the big kids got movies. Paw and Maw also sent us a card that we opened!

Timothy and Elijah were so excited about their helmets!! Can't wait to ride those bikes now!

I made this and hung it up for the Isaac and Sarah to make words from these letters. After lunch Bryan joined in and came up with some words too. The three of them had a good time challenging each other with who could come up with the most words!

The words they came up with!

Bryan was so good to me today! Since he was off he wanted to make lunch and supper for me. He knows that I struggle sometimes coming up with meals and him doing this would bless me. He made me roast beef and dip sandwiches for lunch (yummy good!!) and then for supper he made stir fry and apple cobbler for dessert! He and the kids also gave me the sweetest cards. Just spending the day together as family was the best!!

The apple cobbler!

After lunch I realized that my eye was looking a little red. So when I took Joanna I got the Dr to look at my eye, I have pink eye. It doesn't feel good at all! So Joanna and I are not feeling 100% but thanking God for His love and the love of family!!


Anonymous said...

Okay now I am tired and going back to bed! Good Post!!! Loved, Loved the pictures. I love being able to see what you all are doing instead of you just telling me. I will show Daddy tonight. I know he will love it too. Looks like you all had a great day together!! Enjoy those!!! GOD IS GOOD!! Happy Valentine Day! (and every day). I pray you and Joanna will feel better soon. Can't wait to see you again, it has been three weeks!!!

Love and Hugs,

Nancy said...

What a precious day for your family! And to all be together is the icing on the cake!
Hope you & Joanna are feeling better today.
Praying that your pink eye is better.

Karen said...

You are so blessed!!

Dodey Roughton said...

Looks like a great day! I may have to steal a couple of your ideas next year :) Where's the pie??? Praying you and Joanna feel better soon!!!!
love you!