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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Read Week (Day 1)

Yesterday started our Read Across America Week. Actually Friday is Read Across America Day, Dr. Seuss' birthday but we decided to make a week out of it. Our day consisted of some Language and Math for the two older kids, our Bible time and alot of reading time. I wanted a theme for each day so we called Day 1 "Dog Day". Which meant that a big part of our reading would be books about dogs and then we ate hot dogs for lunch. :) We read the story of Zacheus during Bible time and I read some of George Muller to the older kids. The books we read aloud were Sleepy Dog, Go-Dog-Go, The Digging-est Dog, Arthur's New puppy and Amelia Bedilia Goes Camping. Isaac and Sarah also read a book aloud to us and Elijah read one of his K4 readers to us titled Tip. Isaac and Sarah had times through out the day that they could read books of their choice. They have checked out some books at our church library and they were reading them. For Valentine's Day the kids got a little money so Isaac and Sarah used theirs to buy a book. So they have being waiting for their books to come in and wouldn't you know it, they came in yesterday! Both kids were so excited.
Sarah had been waiting all day for the mail to arrive. While we were playing outside she even wrote in the road with sidewalk chalk, "Mail Girl- Don't be late. Today is Read Across America week." So when the mail finally arrived at 3:30ish her and Isaac ran to check the mail.

This is their packages! I have been ordering some of their books from http://www.abebooks.com/ . Please be careful when you go on their website because they have ALL kinds of books. We just type in what we are looking for and I look them up with the kids. They do have some really great prices and some of their books are free shipping. I also love to shop at Goodwill for books.

Isaac with his book. When we went to bed last night he was already on Chapter 7.

Sarah with her book. She was so excited because she got her book and her American Girl magazine. She really likes American Girl but I just can't see paying that much for a doll (she doesn't have one but she likes to look). I included a picture of her magazine too (below).

We topped the night off with homemade cookies! These are so good. Devil Food cookies with mini m&m's and chopped pecans (recipe found under the recipes). So delicious!

This little guy is way better! He has been fever free for almost 24 hours!!

Timothy has played so much yesterday. All of us had a really great day! Bryan had to stay late at church last night so it was just me and the kiddos all day, but so much fun and so many memories! I love that God has called me to be at home with my kids. I wouldn't miss days like this for anything in the world! I love reading to the kids and my prayer is that it will make a lasting impact on them!


Nancy said...

Praise God for the gift of reading!! I have so many books I need to send you for the little one's!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! So glad my grandkids all like to read or be read to. You are a great Mom and I know that Bryan likes to read to them too. You both have done a good job raising our grandkids. They are near perfect!!!

Love the pictures and getting to see the kids.

Love and Hugs,
Mom and Dad

Dodey Roughton said...

First of all, I'm so glad that yall seem to be on the up and up with getting well !!!!
Second, love the theme days...I need to get more creative. Perhaps we should chat...call me when you have a moment (or make a moment) ;)
Love you all!!!