A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Two Reasons to Celebrate!

We had two reasons to Celebrate today! First of all today is Resurrection Day! We rejoice that we serve a Savior who is ALIVE! Because Jesus is ALIVE then we have hope, not just hope for today but hope for tomorrow and hope for eternity! It was so awesome to worship with our church family today and to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection!!

The second reason for celebrating today is Timothy’s birthday!! He is 3 and I just can’t believe it! On April 8, 2009 we welcomed baby #4 and much to our surprise it was a BOY!! I am so thankful Timothy was a boy and I know that God knew exactly what we needed! Timothy has brought so much joy and blessing to our family! At first Sarah was so disappointed but it was not long until she was so in love with him she didn’t care that she didn’t get her sister! Timothy is such a joy and so much fun to be around. He has been our most vocal boy yet! When I look at him I fall in love all over again with that baby boy that came into our lives 3 years ago. Last night we took him to Chucky E. Cheese’s and he had so much fun! All the kids had a blast! My parents were here so they got to come along with us. On the way home we each told Timothy what we loved about him. Sarah said she liked it that Timothy was so sweet and cute, Isaac liked that Timothy always wanted to be on his team, Elijah liked that Timothy played with him, and I love the way he is so cuddly. He was so funny on the way home and we laughed at him so hard, he would say stuff like "Me not cute."! He really is a hoot!! Today his Sunday School teachers had him some green cupcakes (green is his favorite color) and they celebrated during Sunday school. Next weekend my parents and Bryan’s parents will be here for us to do cake and ice cream!

BIRTHDAY BOY!!Sarah deciding what prizes to get with her tickets!Isaac deciding which game to play next.Joanna LOVED being a big girl at Chucky E. Cheese's!The little boys stop for a picture!Let's check this mouse out!Timothy and Joanna ride together!Bryan and the little boys having some fun!So thankful to have Paw and Maw with us!


Nancy said...

What a handsome birthday boy! I know your parent's loved being with you over the weekend! Hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection celebration.

Dodey Roughton said...

My kids love Chucky Cheese....we've only been once, but they keep asking to go back. Maybe that could be a treat when we come visit?? Looks like yall had a great time!