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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Spring Goals

Spring has already begun, can you believe it? I love spring time, the beautiful weather, beautiful flowers, and the newness of life. I have been thinking about goals and wanted to get these posted sooner but better late than never. Here are my goals for the next few months...

~continue reading through the Bible. My long term goal is to read through the Bible this year. I know that there will be days that it will be tough to read but I pray that I will be able to catch up and keep on keeping on.
~walk/jog at least 5-6 miles a week. I really would like to have some exercise for staying healthy and in shape. Bryan is awesome to help me reach goals like this. I plan to do one mile in the morning before he goes in to work and then on the days I can I will do another mile in the evening.
~laugh and enjoy life more. When life gets busy it has been easy to forget to have fun and enjoy this season of life. I have so many reasons to laugh and enjoy life!
~spring clean one room a week. I really think that if I take about 15-20 minutes a day that I can accomplish this or at least get something done. Of coarse I have not done anything so far. LOL!!
~take the kids on at least one nature walk a week. This will be refreshing for the kids and I. My plans are to let Isaac and Sarah take their cameras and take pictures of things we see. Then they can post about our nature walks on their blog.
~to have a block party with our neighbors. Several of the neighbors and I have talked about doing this for almost a year. It has yet to happen but recently one neighbor and I even made more detailed information.
~spend more time away from the computer and more time with the kids. My weakness is to use the computer as my staying in touch with the world. I have PLENTY to do and lots of people to spend time with so I have no reason to let the computer consume me. Another reason I DON’T facebook ....too time consuming. :)
~organize the kids clothes and other areas of our home. I LOVE for things to be organized! I will try and post pictures of what I get accomplished. One thing I would like to organize is our day and things that we will use during our day.
Of coarse these goals will be in vain if God is not in them! First I pray that God will take my goals and show me which ones are of Him and which ones are not. That I will look to Him to help me accomplish those that are of Him and to have wisdom to relinquish those that are not. I am also open to any ideas that you guys may have that will help me to accomplish these goals. Thanks a bunch!!

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Nancy said...

Sounds like good goals to me :)