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Joshua 24:15

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Unit Study (Week 3 & 4)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Easter unit study we have been doing. We have finished that study and I wanted to post one more time about a few other things.
Each day the unit study is divided into two levels. There is a lower level for elementary age children and then an upper level for junior high and senior high students. This will allow us to be able to use this study later when Isaac and Sarah can do the upper level.
Some of the resources that is suggested is the movies Ben-Hur and The Robe. Isaac and Sarah read the book Ben-Hur so I thought it would be neat to watch that movie. The Resurrection Eggs is a great resource to use with this study.
The last week of the unit study there were links to dramatization of people from the last week of Jesus’ life. Isaac and Sarah really enjoyed this. They would go to these links and get to listen to a different peoples story each day. These links were under the Interesting People and Places section.
Through this study we have gained some really good resources and websites that we can use in the future. The kids also learned some things that they didn’t know before, for example: Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday, the week before Easter is Holy Week, the Friday before Easter is Good Friday. They learned what happened on each of those days over 2,000 years ago (ex. Palm Sunday is Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem). I was very please with this study and look forward to doing it again!!

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The McKinneys said...

I hope we can attend one of those nature walks with our boys! Hope to see you soon. Sounds like you will have a wonderful spring. Good luck on the organizing, I'm trying to work on that too!