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Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Soccer 2013

When Isaac and Sarah were younger and we lived in Alabama we enjoyed playing Upwards basketball and soccer. Then when we moved to Tennessee there is not alot of Upward sports around. There was NOTHING at all when we lived in Shelbyville. God is so good and provided a great opportunity for the kids to play sports at the local elementary school though.
Then as we were getting ready to move here Timothy asked if he could play soccer. After some searching we found an Upward soccer league not too far from where we live. We decided to let the four oldest ones all play. The picture above is of Elijah (#5) and his friend from church Cade at a game.
Elijah enjoys playing and loves running as fast as he can. He is pretty fast! :)
This is all game to Elijah, no competition at all. He is just out there to have fun. I love that about him...he enjoys life.
This soccer league is a small one and that means that the teams were co-ed. Isaac and Sarah were on the same team and that worked out really good. Isaac is the only boy in this picture. :)
Isaac plays with all his heart! He gives it 110% and then some. On his and Sarah's team there was another brother and sister. We have enjoyed getting to know them. They homeschool too and there are times at practice that their Dad and Bryan will play a game with the team. So fun to watch.
Again Isaac is the only boy in this picture. Him and Sarah enjoy being on the same team and working together to score some points.
This girl is growing up so fast right before my eyes. Sarah has really enjoyed playing soccer. She has a good time wherever she is. Being my social butterfly, she has become good friends with the other girl on her team.
In this picture she and the boy in front of her was trying for the ball at the same time and Sarah got kicked in the leg. She was down for a minute but recovered really well and got right back in there.
Here is Sarah playing defense. I have enjoyed watching the kids play and have a good time. We worked it out to where they all have practice on Thursday evenings and I pack a picnic for us all. The three little ones and I will eat while Isaac and Sarah practice and then they eat while we are driving home.
Here is soccer man! Timothy is in the middle with a grey jersey on. He looked at me during the second practice and said "OK I am done. Practiced last week and that is all I needed." Then when games started his excitement kicked in. :)
He likes being able to have the ball during a game. He has gotten a goal at every game and he likes telling us all about the game when its over.
Here he is patiently waiting for someone to kick the ball. We are so thankful that the kids have gotten to play soccer and meet new friends. Basketball is next and we have signed the kids up to play at the elementary school. So the next sports pictures I post will be of basketball. :)

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