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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Friday, October 11, 2013

Overnight Guest!!

When we lived in Alabama we homeschooled under a church that had a school. One of the perks was that the homeschool kids could go on Mondays and participate in enrichment with the school kids. This was a good experience for Isaac and Sarah, something that they still talk about. One of the greatest blessings from their time there was we met a family that are still close friends to us. Sarah and their oldest (Eliana) were in Kindegarten when we met them...that was 5 years ago. :) The picture above was taken in December 2010 when we were in Alabama for Christmas. As I was looking for a picture of the kids I realized that I have more pictures of them than I thought I did. YAY!!
At that time they had 3 children and we had 3 plus I was pregnant with Timothy. Alot has happened in 5 years...we helped them move across town, they really blessed us with meals when Timothy was born, they were there to help us when we were packing up to move to TN, we have had our 5th baby and they have welcomed twin boys! We use to get together often when we lived in Alabama and now we try to stay in touch through email and text. Their girls even came up for Sarah's birthday this summer and when Sarah goes to Alabama she usually spends a day with them. (In the picture below: Eliana, Sarah, and Hannah)
Almost 2 weeks ago Mrs. Sara (the mother of this lovely family) text me and said they were headed north to visit family and could they stop at our home for a visit and to break up the distance. Of Coarse!!!!! We were tickled that they were coming. They had stopped by our home in Unionville a couple of years ago but our visit was cut short because their little boy (only boy at that time) was sick and they needed to get home. (In the picture below: (their) Elijah, Timothy, and Isaac)
They arrived right at supper on Wednesday night and we enjoyed every minute they were with us. They stayed til after lunch on Thursday and then they packed up and headed north. It was so nice to see the kids play together and us to get to talk (while watching 10 kids). :) (In the picture below: (our) Elijah and Joanna)
It was an adventure with 10 kids under the same roof but nobody seemed to notice. We are so thankful that God gave us an opportunity to be together. When we get together it is interesting because we both have Sarah's and we both have an Elijah. We usually have to clarify who we are talking to. Adds a little more fun in the mix. (In the picture below: Caleb and Josiah)
Not sure what it was that caused us to make a connection almost 5 years ago but God does. We are very thankful that he has given us this family as friends! They love the Lord, have some of the same convictions that we have, and strive to make Jesus the center of their marriage, family, and home.
The picture above is Sara and I. Usually we are the ones taking the pictures but we did ask Isaac to take a picture of us. :)
Here are all the kiddos right before they had to leave. :) We are so blessed!

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Sara Oehrig said...

You graciously failed to mention the toilet swimming incident;) LOL!!!
Thank you, again, for your gracious hospitality and love!