A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sarah and our swing

At any given time during any given day this is how you will find Sarah, reading a book! I love it! Bryan and I both were never readers but both our big kids LOVE to read. Sarah really likes to go and sit in the swing on the front porch and read a book. I am amazed at what she can read, a 2nd grader reading on a 4th grade level. She will pick up anything and read it and she loves to read to the little boys too. Her favorites are American girl books, Nancy Drew (the older versions) and her Bible. If we ever go in a store (Goodwill is our favorite) she always heads straight to the books. Oh how sweet this is and something that is dear to my heart.

The swing...something else that is a favorite of mine. I love to sit on the porch and having a swing makes it that much nicer. This is not just a swing that we bought at the store, it has a special story. Over 13 years ago I met a young lady named Wendy and we became good friends. She came to know the Lord and our friendship began to grow into something very special. Her father made her a swing to have on her front porch when she went to college. After college she and her husband moved to a smaller home and she didn't have room for the swing any more. Bryan and I moved to a house that had a front porch about the same time and her and her dad offered us the swing. We have now put the swing up at our new house and every time I sit in that swing I think of Wendy, our friendship and her dad that made the swing. I am sure they never thought that that swing would mean so much to us, but it does. Wendy's dad and Bryan were close and we got to see Wendy's dad come to know the Lord and what a change God did in that man's life. Wendy and I hardly ever get to see each other any more but we stay in touch and she is one of my best friends. She now has 3 little boys and one on the way and her and Ben just celebrated their 8 year anniversary. I have seen Wendy grow into a very godly wife and mother and the radical change God has done in Wendy's heart. I LOVE my swing and the story that goes with it!!


Wendy said...

I love this story too!! I know Daddy will be so proud to know that you guys are enjoying the swing. I love you so much, and I feel so blessed to call you one of my best friends. God put us together and has given us a special bond that distance and time can't change. You mean so much to me, Cantina!

Anonymous said...

OK so now you both made me cry!!
So glad that the Lord brought you two together to be forever friends!!!