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Joshua 24:15

Monday, August 5, 2013

Race Day 2013

 This past Saturday the 3 older children were in a 1 mile race in Anniston. This is Isaac's 3rd race, Sarah's 2nd race, and Elijah's 1st race. They have been training for a month. Isaac and Sarah's goal was to beat their times from last year.

One of the highlights of going to the race is we get to spend time with family (we stayed with my parents and then we went to a birthday party for our nephew and got to see some of Bryan's family!) and getting to see friends! We were able to se lots of people at the race that we haven't seen in years! :)
 Last year Isaac finished in 7:06 and this year he finished in 6:40!! So proud of him!! He placed 7th out of 28 boys aged 9-11. Yes, that is his coach (dad) running with him. :)
 Sarah's time last year was 7:25 and this year she finished in 6:44!! Go girl!! She placed 1st out of 14 girls aged 9-11!
 Elijah ran his mile in 8:27! He did so well! Yes, that is mom (me) running with him. :)
 Love doing things like this with the kids!! Here are the runners with their coach (dad) and their cheerleader (mom).
Here is Sarah receiving her award (girl on the right). Not the greatest picture. :(
Here is Sarah with her trophy! We are so proud of all of them and look forward to next year's race!

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