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Joshua 24:15

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Enrichment Week

Last year we started our school year off with an Enrichment Week and it worked really well. I decided to do that again this year! Our Enrichment week consist of Art, computer, piano, and reading. Wanted to share the kids art lessons from this year.
Here is Isaac's bridge. Last year I ordered 2 art DVD's and have been VERY pleased!!
Here is Isaac's other drawings. We were very pleased with these. He did a great job!
Here is Sarah's bridge. The DVD's we ordered are "Barry Stebbings" beginner and intermediate art.
Sarah's art work.
Sarah's water scene with the sailboat in the background. Very proud of her too! She loves doing this!
Here is Elijah's drawing of a worm.
Timothy's drawing of a worm.
I helped the boys to draw trucks and houses using shapes. This is Elijah's truck with his own personal touches. :)
Here is Elijah's house...he drew our new house.
Timothy's house drawing. He loves to draw!

This has been a great thing for us to do to start the year off. All the kids like to draw, read, work on the computer, and practice piano. It makes for a fun time and something for the kids to look forward to!

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