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Joshua 24:15

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beginning Steps to Eating Healthier

Back in September I did a post about how I wanted our family to eat more healthy. You can read that post here. So since then I have been gradually moving toward this goal. It has been a step by step process and by no means are we the "Healthiest Eaters". :)

I wanted to share some of those first steps we have made and what our next few steps will be. I also will share with you about a great website that I have discovered along the way, how my family is adjusting to these steps we are taking, and some of what I foresee my struggles being.

I shared in my post in September that we mostly drink water, but I am encouraging that we drink LOTS of water. I found these water bottles for the kids. Each kid has their own and I am asking that they drink a water bottle full each day of water. Isaac and Sarah's bottles are 32 oz. or 1 Liter, Elijah and Timothy's bottles are 16 oz., and then Joanna's is about 12 oz.. At first they were a little overwhelmed but they are quickly catching on. The rule is that once they finish their water bottle then they may have apple juice for supper (This has caused us to drink less apple juice) and if not they have to finish their water bottle at supper. The kids drink a glass of milk with their breakfast.

I also shared in my post that I was going to try and offer more fruits and veggies during the day. Bryan and I have said many times lately that we eat more fruit and veggies now than we ever have!! :) My goal right now is to serve a fruit with breakfast and lunch and then have a fruit for an afternoon snack. Then my goal for vegetables is to serve atleast one at lunch and atleast one at supper. For lunch the other day my sweet Sarah made us a vegetable tray with bell pepper, baby carrots, and grape tomatoes on it. I was so amazed at how well that went over...we had eaten all of it!! I will let her do that more often. She also has asked to make a fruit tray, that sounds like a winner. :) Bryan has been steaming some broccoli and adding some seasoning to make some very delicious broccoli (will share that recipe soon). I have discovered that I can make my own ranch dressing and we are loving that (will share that recipe too). We have discovered that we love oranges for breakfast!! :)

Since I got a wheat grinder for Christmas I am trying to use wheat flour more often in my recipes. I have found some very good recipes and made a few recipe discoveries myself. I am so looking forward to sharing those with you. In my search I have discovered "Heavenly Homemakers" website. Check it out, I think you will enjoy it too.

One thing that each of us struggle with in our house is SWEETS and DESSERTS!!! My goal is to get to where we are only eating a dessert sweet after one meal and not after lunch AND supper. I think this will be our biggest challenge. :( The first thing Elijah and Sarah ask for after lunch is "Can I have a dessert?" and mommy wants one too. :) I have tried offering fruit instead or getting them to drink more water. I have realized that if I distract them we eventually move on and forget about it. I am also trying to come up with some healthier desserts and sweets, even using less sugar.

Our next steps are to:
Change from bottled oils to olive oil or coconut oil
Change from margarine to real butter
Continue to work on eating less desserts and sweets

Am I the only one who struggles with the sweet and dessert thing or do you too? Please tell me I am not alone! :)

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The McKinneys said...

You are not alone! We all have a sweet tooth as well! I'm going to try the recipe for homemade ranch, since that is the only way I can get my kids to eat most veggies! You may want to try this apple snack: www.letstalkfitness.com/raw-apple-snack