A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

I have been challenged (through the book One Thousand Gifts) to look for ALL the blessings around me. I began to do this and of coarse wanted to share them. Let me start with these seven:

1) Thankful for a hubby who rises each morning and meets with the Master
2) The foot steps I hear each morning as the kids come down.
3) For the food that He has placed on our table for each meal today
4) For a daughter who comes to (sincerely) ask forgiveness without being told to
5) For the Sunday School lesson I am preparing to teach this week (Amos 8-9)
6) For the cool breeze that we felt yesterday
7) The voices of our children playing outside yesterday

Now I challenge you....I would love for you to share with me seven things you are thankful for. :)


Nancy said...

I love a thankful post!
1. My kids slept good last night
2. Josh & I got to have coffee together this morning
3. I have several clients that I can help today with massage
4. I have enough food to pack lunches!
5. Good true friends
6. Acknowledging positive things/happenings in my life now more than ever
7. Being excited for the future!

Have a wonderful weekend!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

1. So thankful for a GOD that saved me and blesses me everyday!

2. For my wonderful husband of soon-to-be 38 years!

3. For my sweet godly daughter who just turned 37!

4. For my silly godly son-in-law
who just turned 42?

5. For my five precious perfect grandchildren!! Isaac, 11; Sarah, 9; Elijah, 5; Timothy, 3; Joanna, 2.

6. My job that I am healthy enough to go to every day.

7. For my home, little as it is.
It is ours!!