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Joshua 24:15

Friday, January 20, 2012

Joanna's 1 year check up

I took Joanna for her 1 year check up this morning. She weighs 21lbs and 10oz and is 30 inches long. A very healthy girl! :) Joanna's left ear was a little red so the Dr gave us some antibiotics to take and her iron level was low. The Dr. said that it was not uncommon for babies her age to have low iron, he wanted her to take some iron drops and then he will retest her at her 15 month old visit.

We have been celebrating birthdays all week! Bryan took the kids to the zoo today and they had a blast! He said that was what he wanted for his birthday. He is such a good daddy!! A good friend of mine from church has a birthday tomorrow, so the two of us went to eat supper together last night. So much fun and we actually got to finish a conversation. :) LOL!

Something neat....For 4 days this week 7 of the ladies on the Camp's side are all 7 years apart! Let me explain a little more. From my birthday til one of my sister-n-law's birthday tomorrow there are 7 years between the ladies (not including my mother-n-law). Beginning with Joanna who is 1, then add 7 years (Sarah), and so on, then the oldest is 43. Ok so maybe I am the only one that thinks that is neat, but I wanted to share! :)

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Anonymous said...

So glad Joanna had a good checkup.
So glad you and her got to spend time together. Sounds like you had a busy day. I wish I could be there on some of those days and be with you. But you do such a good job and probably don't need me. But one day!!!!

Love Mom