A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another year older!!

That's right, I am another year older today! I feel really selfish in posting a post like this, but it has been such a good birthday I had to post about it. My sweet hubby has taken a vacation week this week and we are all so excited for him to be with us! Our first plans were to just hang out around here and spend lots of time together, but we added a quick trip to Alabama in our plans. My mother was off yesterday and she had said she really wished she could see us (Bryan's birthday is this week too :)) ! So we decided at the last minute to head to Alabama. We loaded up and headed that way after church on Sunday. We spent Sunday night and Monday night with my folks and headed home this morning. Dad and Mom took us out to eat Sunday night to O'Charley's. Then on Monday my mom kept the kids and let Bryan and I have a birthday lunch together! We went to China Luck, my favorite!! Last night we went, got pizza and ate supper with some really dear friends of ours, the Oehrig's! We have been so blessed by their friendship. In December they welcomed twins into their sweet family, now a family of 7! We had not seen the babies until last night. They are precious! My parents went with us, we all got to hold the babies and the other kids played and played and had the BEST time! So awesome to spend some time with them. Today on the way home I got to choose what I wanted to eat for lunch (Zakby's salad) and then instead of a cake Bryan got me Krispy Kreme chocolate covered doughnuts! SOOOOOOO good! Bryan said he would do supper and clean up the kitchen so I could blog and enjoy my night. :) I didn't take my camera with me to Alabama (I really wish I had grabbed it before we left) so the only picture I have is of the doughnuts. So I have splurged a little today....it has been a very good birthday!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady! May you have the most relaxing & enjoyable night!!
Yummy, China Luck!!

Karen said...

You are not being selfish at all! What an amazing birthday celebration you have had!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week :)

Anonymous said...

Dad said you are just trying to temp him. The picture looks so real. Hope you had a great day.
So glad I got to see you on your 36th Birthday. Thanks for coming to Alabama. We enjoyed you all so much. Supper at O'Charleys and supper with the Oherigs. Food, Fun and Family!!

Love and Hugs,