A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday! He is the best in the world and I am so thankful for him. All the time I hear "I don't know how you have 5 kids and homeschool" and my reply is "God has given me a wonderful hubby". Bryan is such a huge help at home with the kids, chores, and keeping our home running well. Usually by the time I come in the kitchen in the mornings he is having his time with the Lord and either a load of laundry is going or a load of dishes are washing in the dishwasher. Bryan does breakfast for the kids each morning which is a blessing to me. He never complains about helping do anything and most of the time he just does what needs to be done without being asked. I really couldn't be the mom and wife I am without him being the husband he is. Yesterday he chose to take the kids to the zoo (for his birthday) and he enjoyed every minute of it. He always chooses the kids and I over himself. He desires to spend time with his family and it shows. More than anything he has a heart for the Lord! Bryan has a passion for the things of God and he is always trying to lead us closer to the Lord. The kids light up when daddy is around. The picture I have at the top is of all the guys in their sport coats, they loved looking like daddy. Even Joanna thinks he is the greatest! :) This morning he has taken Isaac and Sarah to the church to serve at the Food Drive. Bryan is quick to include the kids in ministry. I am so full of love for this man that God made and gave to me. I love him more than words can say! Happy Birthday, Bryan!! We love you!

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Anonymous said...

You sure have a bunch of nice looking guys at your house. All so handsome in their blazers.

Love to All,
Paw and Maw