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Joshua 24:15

Monday, January 9, 2012

Celebrating with Grandparents!

Joanna will be 1 this coming Saturday!! Bryan's parents will not be able to come up this Saturday so we decided that we would celebrate her birthday a little early. My parents and Bryan's came up this past weekend. For lunch on Saturday Bryan made bar-b-q and then we had cupcakes. My parents had to leave when the kids went down for a rest but Bryan's parents got to stay until after supper!! We were so excited that Bryan's parents stayed a little longer this time, they usually come up Saturday morning and leave at rest time. We took them to eat at the Bell Buckle Cafe and just enjoyed spending some time with them. Here are the few pictures that I did get, my camera battery went dead during opening presents. My parents got Joanna some clothes and a piggy bank with her name on it, so cute. Bryan's parents got her some sweet little shoes, a fork and spoon set and precious moments birthday dolls. I made her cake and the cupcakes and Sarah did the decorating of Joanna's cake. I made orange cake and frosting (will share that recipe soon) and they turned out very delicious! Joanna had the best time digging in her cake and the boys LOVED watching her! So much fun!!

Joanna's cake that Sarah decorated. Thought she did pretty good for her first! :)

Opening presents.

The little boys helped blow out the candle.

Fingers first. She looked at me as if to say "Is it ok that I do this?"

Timothy was and did want to get his mouth on that cake too. :)

Dig in!! She enjoyed making a mess!!

All the kids love it when Gigi comes!

Pop and Elijah!

Gigi with her girls!

Right before we left for supper Joanna was playing in the cabinets. When I looked down I found her sitting in this big pot! She was being so silly!!

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Dodey Roughton said...

I think Sarah did a GREAT job with the cake!!! Tell her I said so :)