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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!! 2012

I can not believe that it is already 2012! This past year has been full of blessings! 2011 started off with God sending us Joanna. She has been such a JOY to our family! Then in March we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being at Shelbyville Mills and are so excited to be here serving the Lord! In April Timothy turned 2, in May Elijah turned 4, in July Sarah turned 8 and in August Isaac turned 10! Bryan and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary in June, and loving every minute of it!! We were also blessed with (new to us) vehicles. We have truly been so blessed!

Our Pastor challenged us this morning to read through the Bible this next year and to memorize at least one scripture a week. I so want to do this, I want my kids to do this and I want Bryan to do this. This is the one thing that I believe should be the top priority in our lives. What would our lives, family and church be like if we did spend more time with the Lord? If we could spend as much time with Him as we do facebooking, texting, blogging (yes, I did put that in there), emailing, watching TV, etc. we would see a Revival like never before! My goal is to ask myself every day and in every situation is this bringing glory to God! Glorifying God is the reason that God created us!! More than anything this new year that is what I want to do and what I want for my family!!

Happy New Year to all of you!! I wanted to share a few recent pictures of Joanna. She will be 1 on the 14th, WOW!! She took her first step on Christmas Day! :) The other kids are so tickled that she is "walking". She is so cute and we love her so very much. Could not imagine life without her!!

She loves smiling for the camera! :)
Just love her!!

See her two bottom teeth? She has a total of 6 teeth!

She LOVES eating "real" food! She is completely off of baby food and eating whatever it is we do!!

Our Joanna!!

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Dodey Roughton said...

Oh my goodness...those pix of Joanna are precious....I could squeeze her :)