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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baseball Unit Study

In the spring we did a Baseball Unit Study by Amanda Bennett. We did her unit study on Easter and really loved it so I thought we would give this baseball one a try. I was very pleased with all that Isaac and Sarah learned!

This was a four week study and was packed with lots of information. Each day the kids would copy a quote from a baseball legend, learned baseball terms, would research interesting baseball legend players, and would discover some very neat things about a few of the baseball teams. She has lots of resources to use, so many that we didn’t get to use all of them. Which means that I can redo the Unit Study in a couple of years and use some of those resources that I didn’t get to use...awesome!

I downloaded the study onto our laptops and Isaac and Sarah could access the study themselves. They would click on the links that are provided in the study and be able to have tons of information. Isaac and Sarah would even get on some of the sites and look up information about other teams and players. They were so excited about things they learned, like whose birthday was the same as or close to theirs. One of the things they had to do each day for the teams was to figure up the distance from our home to that teams field. They loved doing that!

This Unit Study also had a few Project Ideas for us to do through out the study. One of the ones we did was to write a letter to a baseball team and ask for information about their team. Isaac and Sarah were hesitant about this, afraid they would not get a response. Isaac wrote a letter to the Atlanta Braves and Sarah wrote one to the Dodgers. Both teams did respond and sent back very good information. It was a great encouragement to Isaac and Sarah, something they will always remember! Another thing we did is made baseball cookies. Actually I put peanut butter between two Ritz crackers and dipped them in white chocolate then put “laces” on them with red icing. There were so many possibilities with this study!!
I would recommend Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett to anyone. Very reasonably priced and so much to learn! She does an excellent job on her unit studies and each one I have seen is packed with tons of information! They are also easy to use and can be for all the kids. I have placed a link on the right side of our blog for you to click that will take you to her web site (or you can click here). She has specials each week and sometimes you can get these studies at a great price!

*I was not paid to write this review. I just wanted to share with others something fun and educational that I had come across.*

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Amy Strait said...

Thanks for this review! We are considering purchasing this unit study for our sons! :-)