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Joshua 24:15

Friday, March 8, 2013

Read Across America Week (Day 4 & 5)

On day 4 of our read week our Dr. Seuss book was Fox in Socks.
So the kids put on "silly socks". Now if I can just find the matches when they are washed. :)
Then we drew a picture of our favorite story or book.
I think they ended up enjoying this so much that they drew all kinds of things.
Getting creative!
Lots of fun!!
I think we will do this more often!
Bryan has been gone this week to a conference, which is why it was a great week for us to do "Read Across America Week". A sweet friend from church made lasagna for the kids and I Wednesday night. We had it for lunch yesterday and it was sooo very yummy!! :)

For day 5 our book was Oh, the places you will go.
I gave each of the kids a map to color, but Isaac and Sarah had to color the states that they had been to. They both have been to 11 different states!!
Sarah was helping Timothy. He did such a great job coloring all the states. So proud of him! :)
Elijah colored his "Man in the map" and did really well. He even colored an american flag on the back of his map. He is doing so good in his learning. I am a very proud mother! :)
Joanna had so much fun coloring with the big kids! She is growing up way too fast!!

We had such a great reading week! Our goal was 50 books and we made it!!! As a reward I let the kids get something from our reward box. Isaac and Sarah did a great job of making sure we met our goal!

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