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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Read Across America Week (Day 1)

Two years ago I came across this "Read Across America Day" and thought we would celebrate too. It is in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday (March 2). That year we just celebrated the one day. We had lots of fun and the kids read a total of 9 books in that one day (our goal for this week is 50 books), also we had a neighbor come over and read to the kids.

Last year I saw where some schools were celebrating all week and calling it "Read Across America Week"! That sounded like lots of fun...a whole weeks worth of fun! So last year we did a whole week of reading.

This year the "Read Across America Day" slipped up on me. God is sooo good...it has been great that we are celebrating this week and not last week (more details on that later). :) I wanted to share with you what we are doing each day and hopefully next year you will have lots of ideas for "Read Across America Day Week"!

Day 1 was Cat in the Hat. This is one of the Dr. Seuss books we didn't have so I was in a hunt for this book over the weekend. I found two and yes I got both of them...one was at Goodwill for $.50 and the other one was at a consignment sale for $.75!!
Cat in the Hat was the theme book for this year and so I made it our day one book. Along with reading a different Dr. Seuss book each day I wanted to do a food and a craft.
For Monday's food we made these really cute "Cat in the Hat's" hat with strawberries and bananas. Isaac actually came up with this idea and it was perfect!!!
Isaac just stacked his up but the other kids used straws to put theirs on.
Joanna was loving this!
Sarah with her "hat".
Once the hat was created we ate them all up!!
Then for the craft I let each of the kids color "Cat in the Hat" a hat of their choice.
Some were different and very creative.
Some were a very good replica of the original hat for "Cat in the Hat".
Here is Isaac's finished hat!
Sarah's was a "Cat in the Hat Holiday Hat"!
Elijah's was like the original one and he even drew the "Cat in the Hat" balancing the three books (a part from the book) on the right of the hat. This let me know that he was paying attention. :)
Of coarse Timothy's hat is green. This boy loves green! I guess the "Cat in the Hat" could wear this hat when he was eating his "Green Eggs and Ham"!!!

My parents were here on Monday so that was an added bonus to our fun!!! :)

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