A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thanksgiving at the Camp's 2012

 We arrived at Bryan's parents house right after lunch on Thanksgiving Day. It is always so good to see everyone and our kids love being at Pop and Gigi's!!
 While we were there I took pictures of everyone. I just LOVE pictures!! This is a picture of Sarah and Peyton. Joanna didn't want her picture made with the "girls". :) Hard to believe that Peyton is 16! It is so fun to see the kids together.... Peyton is the oldest out of the grandkids, but Sarah always loves being with her. Then Isaac and Riley are the same age, so of coarse they are always together. Then Elijah and Timothy have Jameson to play with....those three are going to get into something! :) Then Joanna and Levi are only a couple of months apart, they are cute playing together.
 This is Craig and Athena, the newlyweds! :) Athena is so good with the kids and just jumps right in to help. We are so blessed to have her in the family.
 Aaron and his family...Stephanie, Peyton, and Riley. Peyton and Riley have grown up way too fast!!
 Rusty, Candice, Jameson, and Levi. I think Jameson looks just like Rusty and Levi looks so much like Candice. Such a cute family!
Have no clue where this BIG family came from....oh yeah, that's my crew! :) LOL!!!

We spent the night at Bryan's parents house and the guys went hunting the next morning and got a few squirrels. Sarah and the little ones got to go and play with Jameson and Levi...always lots of fun!! It was nice to spend some time with family!!

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