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Joshua 24:15

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve was spent with my parents. Since we have moved to Tennessee my parents have traveled up to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. It has become a "tradition".

We have so much fun watching the children open their gifts from Paw and Maw and we also enjoy watching them open their gifts from us. Isaac and Sarah are old enough that they pick out and buy their own gifts to Paw and Maw. So sweet!!

For some reason I didn't get pictures of my parents opening their gifts. :( The pictures I took of the kids I wanted to share.
This girl is sooo funny! Remember the PJ story I told about her here. The first present she opened from Paw and Maw was a pair of PJ's!! Guess what she did.....
She had to put them on right then!!
Here she is almost got them on! Paw and Maw got Timothy and Elijah a pair too and Joanna tried her best to get Timothy to put his on when he opened his.  She even went to him trying to pull his shirt off. It was soooo cute!! :)
Here is Mr. Timothy opening his presents!
Elijah excited to see what his present was!!
Isaac got a BB gun and a gun cleaning kit for his other gun.
Timothy is so thankful for all his things!!
Elijah and Timothy (together) got a basketball goal to hang over the door (little tikes). Now they can play basketball like Big brother. :)
So sweet to see how excited the other kids are to see what others got!! They are pretty good about watching each other open presents.
Sarah got a Nancy Drew book and a Betty Crocker cook book for boys and girls! She can't wait to make her first meal!
Here are the children gathered round to see what Daddy got. :) Bryan got a nice pair of shoes, belt, and a nice shirt. Of coarse I don't have pictures of me opening my presents either.....I got a wheat grinder (so excited about this!!!!!) and a skillet.

Isaac bought my dad a big camoflauge travel cup and he got Maw a vegetable peeler. Sarah got Maw a scrubber for dishes and we got Paw some blue jeans and a nice dress shirt. We got them a calendar with pictures of our family through the past year and a photo book of pictures from this past year.

Thank you Paw and Maw for spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us and for the gifts you gave!! We love you both very much!!! So thankful for the memories we made!!

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Anonymous said...

We love the Christmas tradition that we have now with your family.
Thanks for letting us intrude into your lives. We are so blessed by each of you and so glad we can be there and make memories for all.
Love the pictures. And you are right about Joanna and the pj's. So funny!! We love you all soooooo
much. Thank you for all of our gifts and our great meals and the time we spent together.

Love and Hugs,
Maw and Paw