A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Friday, September 28, 2012

He steals my heart!

I never thought I could love all 5 of my children as much as I do! They are just very precious to me and I am so thankful for each of them!!

Elijah is right in the middle of the children in birth order. He has his own personality and is a special little boy in his own unique ways! He can be so sweet and loving to me that I just want to capture every minute with him. I would love to bottle up every minute with all the kids and hold on to them forever!

I wanted to share some pictures of Elijah over the past few months.
Elijah loves to be silly and make the others laugh! He also loves playing with all of his siblings! Every day he will ask "Can Sarah and Isaac have free time?" Elijah wants all of them playing together!
Such a handsome young man! Hard to believe that one day he will be all grown up!
My little chef! He loves cooking and helping cook. If I am in the kitchen he is usually right beside me wanting to help! When we make something he will say "Don't forget to put some momma sugar in there". Melt my heart!! :)
Elijah loves pickng flowers for me. These are some he picked and we had to make them our center piece that week. He loved that he had done something for me!

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Anonymous said...

You are right each one of our grandkids is unique and special in their own way. These pictures of Elijah are priceless. He is sweet and has a sweet spirit. Enjoyed our time with all of them last weekend and can't wait to see all of them again.

Love and Hugs,
Maw and Paw