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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pet Chickens

It has been over a year since we started raising chickens, it's been great! These chickens have become pets and the kids have named each one. They enjoy feeding and petting the chickens...and holding them. Thought I would share a few pictures. 
The three younger kids have gotten a few of the chickens on their swing set and had the best time watching the chicken just sit there. The kids didn't swing the chicken they just set them up there, and was very proud that they could get that chicken to sit there.
Here is a picture of Elijah and Timothy feeding the chickens. We like feeding our scrap fruits and veggies to them. The chickens like it too! It is fun to watch them come waddling up to eat what is thrown out. 
Here is Joanna holding one of the chickens. The chickens do come right up to us. Isaac has 7 chicks that are almost to laying stage, will post about them soon.

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Anonymous said...

Love these kids and their chickens! Paw and Maw