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Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Curriculum for the Younger Ones

As I prepare to start our school day I thought I would share what curriculum we chose for the younger ones.

Before Isaac was born I taught Kindergarten at a small Christian school. They used the ABeka curriculum and so I was really familiar with that. When we started homeschooling Isaac this is the curriculum I went with. I have been VERY pleased! We use this complete curriculum for K4, K5, and 1st grade. Starting in the 2nd grade we begin to use other things along with some of the ABeka curriculum.

As far as teaching the kids to read, the ABeka curriculum has been great for us. I love the workbooks, the teacher guides, and the little readers.

What curriculum do you use for your younger ones?

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Kirstie said...

I remember talking with you about this on the day you guys came to church. I took your advice and went with it for Avery. I am astounded at how great it's working! we are WAY ahead of schedule! He has done amazing! Thanks for sharing with me that day because I don't know if I would have returned to Abekka!