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Joshua 24:15

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Birthday Vacation!

Bryan took a week's vacation for our birthday week! Joanna, Bryan, and I all celebrate birthdays this week! So since he took off we wanted to do something FUN!! My sweet hubby planned this trip and did a very AWESOME job!! :)

 Last Thursday morning we left and headed to Indiana. There is a indoor water park there that Bryan had taken the youth to last year. We arrived around 4:00 and was ready to play! There was very few people there, that was so nice!! The water park closed at 9 on Thursday night, we were the only ones at the water park between 8:15 and 9!!!
These kids had so much fun! Timothy was sick on Wednesday so we were worried that he wouldn't feel well enough to enjoy the trip. We prayed and God was so good! He felt great for most of the trip and got to enjoy lots of it!!
Timothy loved the "little" water slides!!
Here is Joanna, Timothy, and daddy coming down the water slide together.
Here is smiley (Elijah) having lots of fun on the water slide!
Here is macho man (Isaac)! :) It was a smaller water park but just right for our family! Since there wasn't alot of people there Isaac and Sarah got to ride the "big" water slides alot!!
Sarah is a water girl! She wanted to stay at the water park 24/7! She made a couple of friends and had fun with them.
Not the best picture of me....but I love this picture of my hubby! So thankful for all he does for us and how he leads our family!!
This little birthday girl has no fear!!
She had so much fun! One time I picked her up and went to get our towels, she went to kicking and screaming, she thought we were going to the room. She did NOT want to leave!
Taking a break! Elijah would go wide open and then want to sit down and just chill out. He is sooo funny!
Timothy liked this little slide and so did Joanna!
Our big boy!....or should I say, young man!
Sarah had so much fun playing with her siblings. She is just a good helper, sister, friend, and daughter! :)
So thankful that this little man feels much better!! We had so much fun and would love to go back next year!

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Kirstie said...

Oh, what a fun trip. I love mini-vacays!