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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Roller Skating

Yesterday the kids and I went roller skating. We had so much fun! I grew up two minutes from a roller skating rink and was there alot. Yesterday brought back memories and it was fun to help my kids learn to roller skate. This was their first time to roller skate. These pictures are a little blurry but with the movement and lights this is the best I could do. :)
Here is Isaac. He was a little hesitant but with a little encouragement from a friend he finally put those skates on and had a great time.
Here is Elijah taking a break. 
Elijah on the rink. He finally realized he could bend down and push along with his hands. LOL! 
Sarah was bound and determined not to give up. She said over and over yesterday that roller skating was so fun!
Timothy was the first to get the hang of it. He still had some falls but did very well. 
Here is Joanna resting for a moment. She was the second one that caught on pretty well. 
Joanna met a friend and they enjoyed skating together. After Joanna got the hang of it she didn't need mommy any more. 
They say that once you learn to skate you never forget...its true. I haven't skated in YEARS, but I put those skates on yesterday and it came right back to me. My kids were very impressed that their mother could roller skate so well. HAHA!! The kids did catch on and I know that if they went a couple more times they would be really good at it. Lots of fun yesterday for us!!

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