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Joshua 24:15

Friday, June 1, 2012

He is 5!!

 So hard to believe that this little man is 5! He turned 5 yesterday and is getting bigger every day.
 We always take the birthday kid out to eat wherever they choose. Elijah chose Chili's and he ate every thing he ordered! Then they brought him a brownie and with a huge scoop of ice cream and that was gone very quick! He informed me this morning that next time we could only get one bite and he would eat the rest. :)
 Sarah just had to buy Elijah something for his birhtday and this is what she picked out. She used her own money to purchase it too! All the kids worked together to put this Lego Finn together. Isaac also got him a gift and I will post pics of it when we go swimming. Isaac got him a spiderman float! Isaac bought his gift in the Awana store and was tickled to buy something for Elijah. I love it that our kids like buying presents for the others!
We got Elijah a new bike! He has been riding Isaac's old bike and it had about worn out so we decided this would be a perfect bday present for him! He loves it!!

The grandparents are coming tomorrow to help celebrate with cake, ice cream, and more presnets!! I will try and post some pics of him over the years.

Happy Birthday to our big boy!!!! We love you!

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Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!
Hope you are having the best week!