A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A full week!

Last week was Youth Camp and that means a week without my hubby. I never look forward to him being gone but I see it as our family investing in eternity. These youth are not just playing games and goofing off, they are hearing the TRUTH and lives are being changed!

I also never look forward to the kids and I being here a week by ourselves. So it worked out to where we could spend the week with my parents. My parents had come up the weekend before for Elijah’s birthday party and when they headed home on Sunday afternoon we loaded up and went with them! :) (There are too many pictures for one post so I will divide this into 2 post.)

My mother was off work on Monday so we spent all day with her. We really did not do much except play and enjoy being with mom. It rained on Monday so it was one of those “take it easy days”. Monday night after supper we headed to Bryan’s mom and dad’s house and spent a couple of days there.

On Tuesday the kids got to swim. The kids LOVE being at the “Farm” and getting to ride around with Pop looking at the cows or crossing the creek. Pop has retired so we got to spend a lot of time with him. My kids so enjoy being at Pop and Gigi’s!! We also were able to spend some time with Bryan’s brother Rusty and his family on Tuesday night! We enjoyed every minute there!
Timothy at Gigi's. As always there was delicious food!
Sarah LOVES the pool! Even if it was cold she wanted to be in the pool.
Joanna is way too funny! :)
Elijah loved playing in the pool!
Isaac had a great time!
Joanna riding on the big wheel! This was her favorite riding toy while we were there.
The kids also love playing in Gigi's play room. The little boys will play for hours in there!
Joanna stops playing to pose for a picture.
These two had so much fun playing together.
Timothy is our laid back child.

Then on Wednesday we stopped and visited with some friends on our way back to my parents house. That night we took my dad out to eat for his birthday. Mother had made dad a cake for all of us to enjoy after supper. It was so nice to be there when dad got off work.
The boys!
The girls!
Dad likes to grill so mom got him some things for the grill.
Happy Birthday Paw!!

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