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"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 4 of Our School Trip

Day four of our trip we packed up camp and left for Fredricksburg, VA. This was the most difficult to find battlefield. All the battlefields we have ever visited are usually well marked and in huge fields. This one was in the middle of town and right on the side of the road. It had the smallest parking lot which was not convenient for our 12 passenger van and camper. We did get to see a short film on the Battle of Fredricksburg and took a walking tour (led by a ranger) of the grounds. That was the shortest distance walking tour! To be honest this ended up being a very educational stop, but in all the craziness of trying to find it and then parking we totally didn't get any pictures. :( I didn't realize that until I went to blog about this day of our trip. 

We didn't make camping reservations ahead of time because we didn't really know where we would end up each day. Each morning or afternoon we would figure out a good idea about where we would be that evening and pick out a camp ground, then I would call and make reservations. On day four we stayed at Pohick Bay Regional Park. This too was hard to find...It was a day of hard to find places. This would be the first place we stayed two nights in a row at. Our camping spot was close to the playground and this place had a waterpark! We arrived that evening at our camp site, set up camp, and headed over to Pirates Cove Water Park. Because we were camping there we could get in the park at a discounted price. We stayed at the water park for a couple of hours and enjoyed every minute of our family time! Bryan and I rode the big slides with the kids and watching them have so much fun is priceless!!
Here is the only picture we took on Day 4. This young man turned 15 while we were on our trip (more about that later). We are in our final stages of straightening, preparing, and sharpening this arrow before he is launched out into the World. We are so blessed to have been chosen as his parents and pray that he will glorify God every day of his life!

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