A Heart Toward Home

"...But as for me and my house, we will serve (worship) the LORD."
Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Four weeks ago the kids started a Thanksgiving Unit Study. So we have been talking alot about Thanksgiving and this past week we did some extra fun activities that got our creative side moving! :)

For our reading aloud time we have been reading a book about Squanto. The four older children made Indian and Pilgrim hats. Here is Elijah in his Indian hat.
Sarah would have loved to dress like a pilgrim. She wore her hat alot that day and even wants to make one for others. Just have to love her!
Timothy loved making his Indian hat.
For our homeschooling I try to have a "together time" each day, so for the four weeks of the Thanksgiving Study we created a blessing tree. During our "together time" each day I would give the kids a leaf and we would write something they are thankful for on the leaf. Then the kids would color the leaf while I read our book about Squanto to them. After they were done with the leaf they would place it on "The Blessing Tree". It was so much fun for us to watch our tree grow!! Loved this!!
Here is the "leader" of the Pilgrims!
Then one day we used play dough to create something about Thanksgiving. This is Isaac's Mayflower. I thought he did a great job! He spent alot of time on this.
This is Sarah's Wampanoag house. That is an Indian tribe we learned about.
Here is her Indian head dress and Pilgrim hat she created!
These Indians came and spent the day with us! So friendly!! :)
This is Elijah's Mayflower!

Hope you can see we had lots of fun! Another thing that Isaac did was he sent a letter to the Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, MA and asked for information about their museum. He received a packet yesterday with all kinds of information! They even sent two coloring sheets! Isaac was so tickled to get the packet! :)


Anonymous said...

So glad you and the kids have fun while studying and learning different and all kind of things.

Please tell the Indians hello from Maw. They are too cute.

Thanks for sharing,
Love and hugs
Maw and Paw

Nancy said...

You are a great Mommy & teacher!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!